Finding Hidden Technology Can Dramatically Improve Your Visitors’ Web Experience

What if the key to unlock access to your website’s full potential already lives and breathes within the many software and technology platforms used throughout your company? But your marketing department just doesn’t know it because the key is buried within another department.

Here at Inclind, we have a wealth of experience in digging for this kind of buried treasure for clients. Picture Indiana Jones-style – in a Geek sort of way.

The results of our exploration have been mind-blowing. And clients, minds blown, are happier than ever. It’s all about our ability to decipher a client’s business map – to carefully evaluate the overall layout and terrain of technology, and diagnosing more effective uses of a customer’s time and money.

For example, thanks to Inclind’s presence and participation at a healthcare client’s* regular marketing meetings with other departments, the client discovered that the registration department already has the software needed to facilitate online appointments. By employing this software, marketing now has a new engagement opportunity, by attracting and converting more visitors through the website, and patients now have the convenience of booking appointments online. High-fives all around!

Because of the strong relationship we continue to establish with our clients, we’re able to get a true insider’s view on the inner workings of all software platforms applied throughout the company.

Could there be potential opportunities like this hiding outside your company’s marketing department? Keep these questions in mind:

  • Are other departments in your company initiating new projects that implement new technologies that could be pulled into the website?
  • Are you asking the right questions to find out the full list of functions and benefits of these new technologies?

If you’re unsure on the answers, Inclind can help you get to the bottom of it and bring you out on top. Just contact us today.

*Due to the confidentiality agreement we uphold with our clients, we can’t mention the actual name of the client in this article.

Finding Hidden Technology

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