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Neither you as a business owner nor your customers have time to wait for slow-loading web pages or a site that ceases to stay online altogether. Whether you have a one-stop-shop or custom-fit solutions it's crucial your website and resources are available 24/7 for everyone.
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Ensure constant uptime to keep your site running at ALL times

We monitor your website's activity to prevent crashes and keep your store available 24/7/365

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Your site needs to be viewable regardless of where your customers are visiting from. Even more crucial to your uptime is bullet-proof security. We don't just monitor server stability and keep your site up and running consistently, but have safeguards around the clock to deter potential threats. Additionally, we remain preemptive in keeping all areas of your site's security updated to stay ahead of malicious attacks to keep your store, and especially your customer's, protected.

Key Features / Benefits

Enhanced safety against theft of assets and data

Faster support to avoid glitches, errors, and lags

Improved performance by reducing page load times

Prevent attacks like DDoS, Malware, and XSS

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