Best Digital Transformation Partner

How To Find The Best Digital Transformation Partner

How To Find The Best Digital Transformation Partner

Inclind Writer | 2024-02-26

Most for-profit and nonprofit organizations know that technology can be used to improve their processes and help them achieve their goals. However, the challenge for many companies is deciding what technology to use and figuring out how to integrate it into their existing operations. This process is known as digital transformation. 

Digital transformation requires more than simply purchasing some software - it also represents a massive cultural shift for many organizations. Working with a digital transformation agency is the best way to ensure that your company doesn’t waste time or money on technologies that won’t help them achieve their goals. A good digital transformation partner will consider your organization’s specific needs to create a personalized plan complete with an exit strategy. 

At Inclind, we offer a range of website design and development services, including website design and development, support and maintenance, site redesigns, custom integrations, and accessibility audits. We also offer digital consulting services to corporations, nonprofits, membership organizations, and other entities to help them integrate technology into their operations in a way that is practical, efficient, and sustainable. Reach out today to learn more about our digital transformation services. 

What Is Digital Transformation? 

Many businesses and nonprofits across the country got their start years or even decades ago - before technology had taken over every aspect of our lives (or so it seems). Even relatively new companies may come to realize that their technology is outdated or that they could automate even more processes using software solutions. Digital transformation is how all types of organizations can integrate technology into all areas of their operations. 

Digital transformation looks different for every company. Generally, it involves the integration of information technology (IT) into various business processes. It also involves a cultural change, as many long-standing business processes are often abandoned in favor of new practices that may be less defined. 

For some organizations, digital transformation may include incorporating machine learning (a type of artificial intelligence or AI) to redesign its supply chance. Another company may use AI to predict demand and then shift production to meet that demand. Cloud computing may be introduced to enhance customer experience. 

There are two aspects of digital transformation: digitization and digitalization. Digitization involves translating analog information into digital form (such as transferring information from a notebook where you keep budget information into a software program like QuickBooks). Digitalization is using digital technologies to change processes and projects within a business or organization (such as training employees on customer relationship management/ CRM software, to automate certain processes).

One of the biggest challenges that many companies face when undergoing digital transformation isn’t picking what technology to use (although that can be difficult!). Instead, it is the change in mindset from a more traditional approach towards greater collaboration and more innovative ideas. Digital transformation can result in huge advantages for businesses and organizations - with the help of a skilled digital transformation partner to guide them through the process. 

How to Find a Great Digital Transformation Partner 

Digital transformation is incredibly important to business growth and development. Whether a company’s goal involves improving productivity, optimizing customer experience, refining products and services, or simply increasing profits, digital transformation can make it happen. 

Nevertheless, any kind of transformation can be hard on a company or organization. This is particularly true when the organization doesn’t necessarily have the capacity, knowledge, or expertise to manage the transformation internally. For this reason, most companies contemplating a digital transformation seek assistance from a third-party partner or consultant for one or more parts of the process. 

So how can you choose the best digital transformation partner for your business or organization? The first step in the process is finding a consultant who actually has experience - not one who uses all of the right buzzwords on their website or in their sales pitch. 

When interviewing digital transformation agencies, start by asking some key questions: 

  • What experience do they have taking an entity through a digital transformation? 
  • Do they have specific experience with digital transformation in your sector? 
  • What expertise does their staff bring to the table when it comes to digital transformation? 
  • Can they describe their processes and client management policies? 

If they can’t answer these questions, or if they try to reassure your company that the process is fairly simple, then they might not be the right fit. A digital transformation partner should be able to do more than spout generic words and reassure you that they can handle it. They should be able to talk about how they will consider your organization’s specific business processes (such as how the business operates, how customers and employees are managed, etc) to determine how and where these processes can be improved through digital transformation. 

If the partner offers a ready-made recommendation that isn’t specifically tailored to your organization, it is likely a red flag that they are not experienced and won’t be a good fit. A one-size-fits-all approach is never the best option for digital transformation, as it will typically leave your organization with either an under-utilized digital strategy or one that is too cumbersome for your business. 

When hiring a digital transformation partner, you should look for an agency that is truly invested in a successful outcome for your organization. They should offer a personalized approach, aligning your digital transformation objectives with your business strategy. They should also offer education and training to your organization so that you are not eternally reliant on their agency. 

Any digital transformation plan should start with an in-depth analysis of your organization’s situation, including information and data on operations, the organization's culture, employees' ability to learn and work with technology, and any past experiences with implementing major changes. A true digital transformation partner should work directly with executives to define the outcome that they are hoping to achieve so that the plan can be appropriately structured. For example, if a company wants to improve its customer service, then one of the objectives could be to purchase and implement CRM software. 

Finally, a good digital transformation partner will ensure that their plan is sustainable. Many organizations do not have the budget to fund a contract with a third-party vendor indefinitely. As such, a key part of a digital transformation plan should be the creation of a strategy for teaching the organization and its employees the skills necessary not just to implement a digital transformation but to maintain it. If a digital transformation agency isn’t offering an exit strategy - or a way for your company to move forward after the primary work is completed - then they probably aren’t a good fit for your organization. 

Start Your Digital Transformation with Inclind 

Technology truly has the power to revolutionize a business. The right software can automate processes, increase profits, and maximize efficiency. The key is to develop an effective digital transformation strategy - with the help of the right digital transformation partner. 

Inclind provides comprehensive digital transformation services to companies, membership organizations, and nonprofits throughout the U.S. With our deep understanding of technology products and our experience in the digital transformation space, we have both the knowledge and skill to shepherd your organization through the process successfully. We also provide a range of related services, including website design and website support and maintenance

We're available if you’d like to learn more about our digital transformation services for your company. You can fill out our online contact form or call us at (800) 604-8139 to talk to one of our experts about your website.

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