NetForum Integration Guide

NetForum Integrations: Help Guide

NetForum Integrations: Help Guide

Inclind Writer | 2024-03-26

If you run a membership organization, then chances are good that you are managing vast amounts of data. This may include biographical details on each member, their membership level, the sections that they belong to, and their subscription/dues information. Managing all of this information can be incredibly hard for any organization. 

Fortunately, association management software (AMS) like NetForum provides an easy, all-in-one solution. Many membership organizations use NetForum to manage members, host a membership forum, run events, and more. When you purchase this software, you will need to integrate it with your website and existing software—a process that may be best handled through custom integrations. 

At Inclind, we have experience handling all types of custom integrations for our clients. We work with member organizations, nonprofits, healthcare practices, government agencies, and other clients to help them design, develop, and maintain outstanding websites. To learn more about our services - including custom integrations - reach out today to schedule a consultation. 

What Is NetForum? 

NetForum is web-based association management software (AMS) used by nonprofit organizations, membership associations, and government agencies to manage member profiles, events, membership levels, and dues. There are two versions of NetForum: Enterprise and Pro, with Enterprise geared towards larger organizations. 

This software is particularly useful for any organization with members. It offers an online membership portal that members can use to update their profiles, communicate and network, and pay dues. 

Netforum also automates the processing of memberships and renewals. It calculates dues for different types of memberships and automatically sends out renewal notices and status updates. For member organizations, it can also be used for chapters of national groups and to set up functions for committee members. 

Beyond membership functions, Netforum can be used for event management. It will organize all details of an event, including facility details, speakers, and attendees. The software will also track registrations, payments, and cancellations. 

The event management aspect is capable of more advanced functions as well. For example, if the event is for a member organization, it can structure prices based on membership levels. It can also track details like expenses for speakers and furniture rental, audio/visual equipment needs, meeting rooms and times, and attendance numbers. 

In addition to these functions, NetForum offers other options. These include an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) feature designed specifically for member associations. It also offers accounting to allow organizations to match financial data with the correct accounts. The software also has reporting features so that organizations can view analytics and data regarding their membership. 

Other functions of NetForum AMS include: 

  • Fundraising, which allows organizations to run campaigns and fundraising events, plus manage donors with a 360 view. 
  • eCommerce, so that members can purchase subscriptions and merchandise securely and easily. 
  • A career center designed to allow members to post and view a job board and receive career coaching and advice. 
  • Advertising, which empowers organizations to set up ad sales based on subscriptions 

If you run any type of organization that has members, NetForum may be a smart choice for an AMS. 

How to Integrate NetForum with Your Website and Existing Software 

Integrations are necessary whenever an organization purchases new software. Without integrations, each software platform would effectively operate in a silo. It is only by ensuring that your software works together that you will get a fuller picture of necessary data, such as membership information. 

Netform uses an integration toolkit, xWeb, for external third-party programs to interface with the netFORUM database. XML is the primary way that NetForm interacts with other systems. All data from the internal system (iWeb) and the external system (eWeb) can be found in XML. 

NetForum comes with 40 pre-built integrations. It will automatically integrate with various software, such as Credly, Zoom, NetSuite, Real Magnet, SAML IdP eWeb, Office 365, Informz, GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar, High Road Solutions, NCOA, and Passkey. These standard integrations make it fairly simple to integrate commonly used software programs with NetForum. 

However, not every integration will be automatic. Depending on the software that your organization uses,you may need to perform various integrations to enable: 

  • A single sign-on through integrating the CMS, AMS, and other third-party tools 
  • Members-only content, with the ability to make content accessible to all members, members with a certain role (such as committee members, section members, or Board of Directors), which is achieved by integrating the CMS, AMS, and website 
  • Calendar information, with all event data dynamically retrieved from the AMS and populated on the website 
  • The ability to seamlessly host webinars and other events through integration between the AMS and a learning management software (LMS) 

One of the challenges that many membership organizations face when integrating NetForum is that their desired integrations do not fall within the platform’s list of automatic integrations. In this situation, a custom integration is the solution. 

Member organizations often have to transfer vast amounts of data - such as individual details for each member - from their existing systems into thenew platform. Making this happen with minimal downtime and without losing any critical information is critical. The best way of achieving this goal is by working with a website design and development team that can handle integrations on your behalf. 

Other than standardized integrations, there is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to NetForum integrations. Instead, the process will depend on the type of content management system (CMS) you are using and the software that you already have. For example, if your organization uses WordPress, then the integration process will be different than if you use Drupal. At Inclind, our team can analyze your current website and software platforms to determine the best, most efficient way to move forward with your Netforum integration. 

Making the Switch to NetForum? Inclind Can Help 

Association management software like NetForum can be truly revolutionary for membership organizations. It can automate many functions, provide a great user experience through a member portal, and provide your organization with comprehensive data about its memberships. While this software is powerful, it requires a skilled website developer to ensure that your data is transitioned smoothly and that it integrates well with your existing website and software. 

Inclind provides a range of website design and development services to companies, membership organizations, and nonprofits, including custom integrations. We are experienced with NetForum and other AMS platforms and have deep knowledge of building custom integrations for our clients. We also provide related services to ensure that your website looks and runs exactly as it should. 

We're available if you’d like to learn more about our custom integration services for your membership organization. You can fill out our online contact form or call us at (800) 604-8139 to talk to one of our experts about your website.

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