Advancing Patient Care with TidalHealth's MyChart Open Scheduling Innovation

The Challenge:

TidalHealth recognized an opportunity to deepen patient interaction with their online scheduling. Despite the existing system's functionality, it lacked the intuitive ease and accessibility vital for maximizing patient engagement. This gap highlighted the potential to enhance the scheduling widget's usability, aiming to enrich the patient experience and boost online appointment bookings.

Our Solution:

In close collaboration, Inclind and TidalHealth embarked on a journey to enrich the appointment scheduling experience. Our strategy focused on:

Designing a User-Friendly Interface

Crafting a component that simplifies the process for patients to select their desired medical services, easing the journey toward scheduling appointments with the right providers.

Prioritizing Accessibility

A core objective was ensuring this new component was welcoming to all users, including those with disabilities. This commitment was reflected through rigorous adherence to web accessibility standards throughout the design and development stages.

Seamless Integration

The component was thoughtfully woven into the existing Drupal site fabric, maintaining the site's aesthetic and functional harmony ensuring a fluid and cohesive user journey.

The Result:

TidalHealth Scheduling

This collaborative effort between Inclind and TidalHealth to revamp the MyChart Open Scheduling feature is a shining example of how targeted digital enhancements can significantly impact healthcare accessibility and patient engagement. By centering our efforts on user experience and accessibility, we've not only streamlined the appointment booking process but have also contributed to more positive healthcare outcomes, underscoring our shared ethos of leveraging technology for the betterment of community well-being.

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