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Inclind has provided Maryland businesses and organizations with top-level design and development services for over 20 years. Our work spans across the entire state from Salisbury to Baltimore and Hagerstown. Local Maryland clients we've worked with include Peninsula Regional Health and Erickson Living. We'd love to offer you our services as your trusted local web design and development agency.

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Web design and development can be a complex and convoluted process, but it doesn't have to be. One of the benefits of working with a well-established design and development agency for your website is getting to enjoy the ease and transparency that come with a streamlined development process. We've spent years building and refining our processes to make development as easy as possible for you.

Initial Project Meeting

The journey starts with a kick-off meeting, where we delve into your customer experience, design preferences, and specific site requirements. The information we gather in this initial project meeting will serve as the foundation for our design concepts.

Project Strategy Formation

Following the kick-off, we meticulously analyze the collected data, formulating a comprehensive strategy for designing and developing your website. Before entering the design phase, we share this detailed action plan with you to ensure alignment with your expectations.

Design Development

Our adept design team initiates the creation of unique and tailored site designs. This phase is characterized by creativity, as we bring your vision to life through innovative and customized design concepts.

Design Review

Upon completion of our site designs, we will present them to you for review. Your feedback is crucial, and we encourage any revision requests to refine the designs further. This collaborative approach ensures the final website we produce aligns perfectly with your vision.

Website Development

Armed with approved designs, our team of developers will work to meticulously bring your website to life. Rigorous quality assurance procedures are employed to ensure a seamless and error-free user experience. The completed site undergoes a thorough review before it's presented to you prior to launch.

Website Launch

Once you provide final approval of the site, we'll schedule a specific launch date and time. Post-launch, we conduct thorough testing to guarantee optimal functionality. Additionally, we provide complimentary site training sessions to familiarize you with your new site and its features.

Our Maryland Website Services

A diverse range of solutions to elevate your website.

As a comprehensive Maryland web design and development agency, Inclind offers a diverse range of solutions to build, enhance, and maintain your site. You can explore our available website services below.

Website Design

Our team of website designers is renowned for crafting award-winning site designs. Collaborating directly with your team, we grasp your core messaging and effectively communicate it through design. We create design solutions that seamlessly guide users through your conversion funnel.

Website Development

The website developers at Inclind can help you transform your site design into a fully functional website. We employ cutting-edge techniques and a variety of tools to build fast, secure, and search-optimized sites. We are capable of integrating custom solutions to improve conversion rates.

Website Consulting

Sometimes, knowing the right direction for your website can be challenging. Our founder, Shaun Tyndall, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our website consulting services. He provides insights and solutions to enhance your website's performance and visibility.

Website Support & Maintenance

Managing a website's security and updates can be time-consuming. Let Inclind handle it for you with our support and maintenance services. Our team takes care of content updates, backups, software updates, design improvements, new feature additions, security checks, and more.

Custom Integration Development

Modern websites often need to interact with a host of various apps and tools. Inclind specializes in building custom integrations between apps and your site, ensuring a seamless experience for your team and users.

Accessibility Audits & Compliance

Website accessibility is crucial, not just as a legal requirement but also to serve a broader audience. Inclind conducts accessibility audits to identify and address issues, ensuring your site meets compliance standards.

Website Hosting

Slow site speed is more often the result of bad hosting rather than site code. Inclind provides fast, secure, and affordable website hosting to optimize your site's performance and reduce downtime.

Website Migrations

Our developers can assist you in migrating your website through our site migration services. Whether it's a re-platform, domain, redesign, or other types of site migration, our team will ensure flawless execution with minimal impact on your search visibility.

App Development

Inclind excels not only in website development but also in creating engaging web apps. Our app developers use React to tackle complex app challenges and deliver cost-effective solutions. There's no limit to what we can create within the realm of web applications.

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Why choose Inclind?

Inclind stands out as an award-winning design and development company with a rich history of creating sites spanning almost the entire lifespan of the web. Inclind was founded in 1999, just one year after Google was released. With decades of knowledge and experience, we harness our expertise to craft exceptional and unique sites that deliver results for your organization. Our team boasts over 90 years of combined experience, fostering a collaborative environment that allows us to create experiences aligned with your brand and vision.

Beyond our design and development prowess, Inclind is recognized for its unwavering commitment to service and support. Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager who remains available to address your questions and provide updates at every step of the process. Inclind is the agency to work with when you want to collaborate with a responsive team that will produce effective web solutions.

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Ready to embark on a design and development journey? The trailblazers at Inclind are eager to explore how we can assist you. You can connect with a member of our team by calling 1-302-856-2802 or filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Your journey towards an exceptional web presence begins with Inclind.

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