The 20 Best AEM Website Examples

It is easier than ever to build a website using tools known as content management systems. In many cases, it is as simple as dragging and dropping elements into place to create a website. However, while these platforms might work for a basic site, you will likely need to pay for software like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) if you want more customized content. 

AEM is an enterprise content management system that offers a host of features. Perhaps most importantly, AEM allows companies to provide more tailored content across brands and locations. Many well-known websites are run on AEM, and significant returns on investment have been seen by using this and related products from Adobe. 

Inclind offers website development, design, and maintenance and support services to clients throughout the United States. We have experience with all types of content management systems, including Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, and Drupal. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us to speak with a member of our team. 

What is AEM? 

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a content management system (CMS). Like other CMS, AEM can be used to build and run a website even if you don’t have any coding experience. Unlike other CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal that offer free and low-cost options, AEM is an enterprise-level CMS. While the cost is higher, it provides a range of other features like digital asset management and a cloud service. 

With AEM, businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations can manage content-specific messages, personalize content, and more. This empowers organizations to create unique digital experiences based on the country, products, services, and even companies. 

Some features of AEM include: 

  • A content management system 
  • Component-based editing 
  • Digital forms with built-in security features 
  • A digital asset management system that makes it easier to access, retrieve, and use assets 
  • Integrated A/B testing 
  • Cloud service, with the content and all assets being hosted in the cloud 
  • A centralized dashboard where all projects can be managed in one place 

Pricing for AEM depends on factors such as workflow complexity, bandwidth used, traffic volume, and integrations with other systems. It isn’t unusual for it to cost over $100,000 annually. 

20 Examples of Websites Built on AEM 

While AEM is pricey, the money spent is often well worth it - especially for larger corporations and organizations. AEM can help businesses improve customer experiences, increase sales, and enhance their online presence. 

Crate & Barrel 

Crate & Barrel is a furniture and home decor brand. Its website was built using AEM, which has allowed it to provide a more personalized shopping experience for customers. For example, when customers search for a particular item - such as a duvet cover - the site will suggest not only that item but coordinating items. It can also customize the shopping journey based on location. 

Best Western International 

Best Western, a hotel chain, uses AEM for its mobile-responsive website. This CMS is a great idea for brands that operate across states and countries. With AEM, Best Western can provide a customized experience based on location. 

Discount Tire Supply 

An automotive supply company, Discount Tire Supply made excellent use of AEM during the pandemic. Customers could make appointments and enter information online so that they could stay in their vehicle. They could also get real-time updates on store closures and safety precautions, as Discount Tire was able to personalize its website based on location with up-to-date information. Today, the site offers offers and specials based on location and has an easy shopping experience for customers. 

Virgin Atlantic 

Airline Virgin Atlantic used AEM to build its site and provide a more personalized experience for fliers. In addition to customizing its website, Virgin Atlantic uses AEM to check in on passengers before they fly—sending reminders to check their passports and visa experiences, for example. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods 

Dick’s, a sporting goods supply store, is one of the most popular retailers of sport and recreation gear in the country. It uses AEM in various ways to offer shoppers a more customized experience. For example, a patron who buys tennis balls might get emails for related equipment - like tennis rackets - instead of more generalized emails. 

Tractor Supply 

Tractor Supply sells farm and outdoor items. It uses AEM to provide a seamless, personalized experience across all channels, including desktop and mobile. Through its AEM platform, it also offers targeted offers and services like curbside pickup. 


L’Occitane, a beauty company based in France, uses AEM on its website to offer a more personalized experience based on the country right off the bat. It also uses data gleaned from its site to better understand customer interests so that it can deliver content tailored to those preferences. This has resulted in more site visits, clicks, and engagement. 

Home Depot 

Hardware giant Home Depot uses AEM and related Adobe products to create a unified shopping experience. For example, shoppers searching for a particular item can order it online - or quickly find the aisle and bin number for the product at their local store. 


Technology company Phillips operates in nearly 80 markets worldwide. To ensure that customers get a unique experience based on where they live, Phillips used AEM to create a digital platform that would provide a personalized experience based on audience data from both web and mobile sites. 

Pitney Bowes 

Pitney Bowes is a shipping solutions company that operates worldwide. To deliver a more compelling personalized experience, they utilized Adobe Experience Manager to streamline content creation and increase user satisfaction. Pitney Bowes could also offer more personalized digital services by using data from AEM. 

Western Digital 

Western Digital is a technology company that offers a variety of products and solutions for both individuals and businesses. It used AEM to create a unified platform that would allow them to target, segment, automate campaigns, and develop content. They also use AI to provide online recommendations for buyers based on their history and what is currently in their shopping cart. 


Swisscom, a telecommunications company, uses AEM to interact with customers in their native language across any device and platform. They also deliver personalized experiences to visitors, such as recommendations and relevant news. 


Banking company BBVA uses multiple Adobe products to provide a more tailored experience. This includes using AEM’s A/B test feature to discover that customers were dropping out of the sales funnel due to a bug - which allowed BBVA to fix it. They also communicate more consistently and personally based on data gleaned from AEM. 


Canadian banking company CIBC used AEM to increase customer engagement and relationships by taking personalization further. It uses behavioral data from its website to target messages to customers that adapt in real-time based on their profiles and requirements. For example, customers with extra money in their accounts may get ads about savings accounts. 

US Census Bureau 

US Census Bureau has an enormous task: getting hundreds of millions of Americans to participate in the census. This job was particularly challenging in 2020 when the census offered an online option. Using AEM, the Census Bureau was able to modernize its website to handle the surge in traffic. They could also make real-time decisions about content using analytics to improve ads and increase participation. 


Clothing brand Lacoste used AEM to create and maintain a highly usable, sharply designed website. It uses a unique strategy, such as routing users to “about us” content - to strengthen purchasing intent. As a global brand, it also provides location-specific content. 

RCA Records 

RCA Records is an iconic recording company. Its recently overhauled website uses AEM to create a dynamic, interactive website. Content such as music videos, articles, and a beat sampler keep users engaged. 


Hyer is a personalized aviation company with shared flights and aircraft booking options. It would make sense, then, that the company would use AEM to create a highly personalized website. It features crisp imagery and easy-to-use navigation to help get patrons from the “just looking” stage to booking a flight. 

Girl Scouts 

Girl Scouts is perhaps the most famous global nonprofit organization for its yearly cookie sale. Its website, powered by AEM, is an excellent example of personalized content. You can click to buy cookies online, learn more about cookies, find out which troop you will be supporting, and even locate a local store selling the cookies. 

Qatar Airways 

Qatar Airways is an airline company based in the Middle East. It uses AEM to run its website, which offers personalized content based on location. It also will provide relevant news and content to visitors based on their history, including location and booked flights. 

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Adobe Experience Manager is an enterprise CMS that offers a lot of bang for the buck. With AEM, you aren’t just creating a basic, static website. You can build a dynamic, interactive site that helps you increase customer engagement and drive sales. The talented designers and developers at Inclind can help you create a new AEM website for your organization. 

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