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Handy Seafood | Fine Fresh Crab Meat & Seafood

Partnering with Handy Seafood

Handy Seafood, the oldest seafood processor in America, dates back to 1894 and is a true Eastern Shore story. This family-owned company prides itself on a culture of great tasting, unique and convenient seafood.

Handy Seafood is one of the oldest seafood processors and retailers in America. Still, despite its age, Handy Seafood presents its digital experience in a modern and user-friendly manner with the help of Inclind. Our collaboration has helped build upon a historical foundation of service and quality, from products to information. Whether adapting to a market or simply enhancing an experience, a Site Refresh or Redesign will undoubtedly pay dividends for your business or organization.

Support is always a focus of Inclind, as we want to work with clients to ensure that the website is functioning the way it should and always encompassing any ideas from those involved. An ongoing relationship in this fashion lends well to our trust with our clients and how we are always here to help. We also know that handling an Online Store can be difficult, but our straightforward solutions allow easily managed fixes, updates, edits, and additions to your Product Line-Up.
We always strive to get the most out of your website. Custom Integrations assist in getting us all to this goal, whether related to the content, how a user can access information, unique front-end experiences, etc. Inclind will present ideas, options, and suggestions as we come across potential improvements no matter where we are in our relationship. We always want to see you succeed and grow!
Handy Seafood integrates and uses an E-Commerce Platform to help assist in sales and in presenting their product in a form that is appealing to potential customers. With their reputation and quality offerings, it's easy for these products to sell themselves. Still, the overall experience with Online Ordering encourages customers to keep coming back for more, given their level of detail consistent through their Online Store.

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