Enhancing the Digital Journey for Dover Federal Credit Union

The Challenge:

Navigating the DFCU website's conversion journey was like venturing on a complex adventure involving several third-party systems. The challenge was twofold: to streamline the conversion tracking process for seamless user interaction capture and reporting and to ensure every click and engagement provided meaningful insights into user behavior. Achieving this was paramount for refining user journeys and boosting conversion rates, essential for DFCU's growth and understanding of its community's needs.

Our Solution:

Our approach was methodical and phased. Initially, we upgraded the site's analytics foundation to GA4 in 2023, a pivotal move to harness GA4's superior tracking capabilities. This upgrade laid the groundwork for a nuanced understanding of user interactions.

In the project's second phase, we mapped out the user journeys of DFCU's key audience segments. Identifying these critical paths and touchpoints was essential for comprehending user behavior and spotlighting areas ripe for enhancement. Through thorough mapping, we configured GA4 for advanced event tracking and custom reporting, enabling a deep dive into user behavior and conversion pathways. This strategic setup gave DFCU the insights needed to fine-tune its digital strategy effectively.

The Result:

conversion optimization

Inclind's strategic enhancement of DFCU's analytics framework has armed the credit union with a powerful tool for deciphering and optimizing user journeys. By transitioning to GA4 and pioneering detailed event tracking and custom reporting, we've not only heightened the precision of conversion tracking but also equipped DFCU with invaluable data to guide website enhancements. This project illustrates our commitment to harnessing the latest technology to foster digital evolution and yield tangible benefits for our partners.


Our collaboration with Dover Federal Credit Union highlights Inclind's knack for spotting and executing strategic digital enhancements. By boosting DFCU's analytics capabilities, we've ensured the credit union is in a prime position to understand better and cater to its users' needs, crafting tailored digital experiences that drive higher conversion rates. This project case study underlines our team's dedication to delivering holistic digital solutions that empower our clients to thrive and grow in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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