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A headless approach to using a CMS, choosing to develop a Decoupled Site can lend more advantages to your platform, team, and visitors.

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There's no need to worry, our developers are experts when it comes to content management and website maintenance. From uploading new pages to a complete site refresh we're up to the challenge and ready to help.

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Being completely against the "one-size-fits-all" approach, we provide maintenance and support services that are completely tailored to our clients' business needs.

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Security is the name of the game, and we take great care in our QA analysis to ensure no matter what CMS your site is built on that it's up to date and impenetrable. Our goal is to keep you safe, monitored, and able to run your business digitally without fear.

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Your Decoupled Website will require updates and upgrades along the way, and we are here to assist. Some of these can be tricky, but that's where we come in.

CRM Solutions

Growth starts with visitors and vendors. By enhancing your toolbox, there are a variety of meaningful connections that can be made across the board, resulting in a positive digital experience.

Custom Front-End

We love to create with applications like NextJs, React and Angular, but collaborating is key to the success of both parties, and we are quite chatty.

Beyond the Project

Work never stops after a Project is Complete, remember, we lead with support.

Eaton Realty | Full-Service Real Estate and Property Management

Partnering with Eaton Realty

Eaton Realty is a family-owned and operated business and believes that overall success comes from the relationships built with its clients. Eaton is dedicated to providing quality service and making the home buying, selling, or renting process as smooth as possible for everyone involved. They also manage properties and invest in real estate, so Eaton has you covered whether you're looking for a new place to call home or need help managing your current property.

Like Eaton Realty, we believe great relationships develop success among those involved. After discussing potential designs with the Client, we wanted to follow a route that would encompass a narrative-based approach to design while ensuring that the experience was visually stunning and, of course, easy to use. This approach and collaborative effort allowed our Designers to work with Eaton to create something exceptional for their company and clients. Did we mention it's Decoupled?

Whether handling Drupal Core or Module Updates or collaborating with the Client to tackle a new suggestion, Inclind is here to help. Our experience and motto of "We Lead with Support" rings true for all our clients; we want to make a difference before, during, and after major projects. The great relationships we form with those we work with go hand in hand with the positive improvements we make to a digital experience.
For this Project, it was decided that Eaton wanted to explore the Decoupled Experience in order to take advantage of a variety of benefits from using this method. Not only is their site blazing fast, the code-bases for both the Front and Back-End are separate allowing for better management. Decoupled adds additional Security, less Bloat resulting in quicker loading speeds, less upgrading and many other rewards. This approach not only was beneficial to the Client but obviously the users of the website interact with a much more powerful Digital Experience.
With in-depth knowledge of MLS and its accompanying policies and procedures, Inclind can integrate various integrations that will yield more engagements on Real Estate Listings. Transferring data, media, details, and other aspects of a Listing in a presentable, digestible and innovative manner is key to assisting in engagement and thus conversions. Our ability to meet standards while presenting information in an automated way yields outstanding results for the client and potential home-buyers, renters, and business owners.

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