Transforming Real Estate Digital Presence: Eaton Realty's Migration Adventure

In the vibrant world of real estate, having a cutting-edge digital presence is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Understanding this, Eaton Realty, a premier real estate brokerage, partnered with Inclind to embark on a transformative journey. Our mission was clear: to revamp Eaton Realty's digital footprint, transitioning from an aging Drupal 7 infrastructure to a state-of-the-art, decoupled Drupal ecosystem. The goal was ambitious yet straightforward - to enhance user experience significantly while ensuring robust content management capabilities remained at the core.

The Challenge:

Eaton Realty faced the daunting task of modernizing its online presence. Operating on an outdated Drupal 7 platform, they sought to not only update their technological infrastructure but also to revolutionize how they engaged with clients online. The goal was to enhance user experience, improve site performance, and maintain robust content management capabilities while setting a new benchmark for real estate digital experiences.

Our Solution:

Decoupled Architecture

We embraced a decoupled architecture, separating the front and back ends. This approach enabled us to create a highly responsive and dynamic user interface, leveraging React and NextJS for a seamless and engaging browsing experience.

Gutenberg Integration

To empower Eaton Realty with the ability to manage and create content easily, we integrated Gutenberg. This low-code solution allowed for the flexible customization of site pages, reducing the need for technical expertise and fostering creativity.

Advanced Listing Integration

Our team implemented an integration with MLS Grid, providing access to a comprehensive database of market listings. Combined with Apache Solr for high-speed search capabilities, this feature significantly enhanced the site's usability and performance.

Custom Google Maps API

We developed a bespoke Google Maps API solution to facilitate intuitive map-based property searches. This feature allowed users to easily find properties by location, a critical functionality for any real estate platform.

Enhanced Property Search Features

The site was equipped with advanced search functionalities, supporting the discovery of purchase and rental properties, connecting with communities and neighborhoods, and exploring agent listings. These features were designed to improve SEO and user engagement.

CRM Integration and Lead Management

Integrating webforms with Eaton Realty's CRM system streamlined the lead generation and management process. This ensured a smooth transition of user inquiries into actionable sales leads, optimizing the sales funnel.

Custom Personalization Features

We introduced personalized user experiences, including a custom Zillow feed, property favoriting, and customized dashboards. These customizations enriched the user journey, making every interaction on the website unique.

Ongoing Support and Enhancements

Beyond the project launch, Inclind has continued to provide Eaton Realty with steadfast support and maintenance. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures the platform remains relevant and performs at its peak.

The Result:


The transformation of Eaton Realty's digital presence through the migration project has set a new benchmark in the real estate industry. By adopting a decoupled Drupal architecture and integrating cutting-edge features like advanced listing searches, custom Google Maps API, and personalized user experiences, we have significantly elevated the online user journey. These enhancements modernized Eaton Realty's platform and improved site performance, search functionality, and user engagement.

Post-launch, Eaton Realty experienced improved digital operations, streamlined lead management, and better property search capabilities, leading to increased engagement and higher conversion rates. Our ongoing commitment to support and enhancements ensure the platform's continued relevance and performance, highlighting Inclind's role in driving digital transformation and market competitiveness for our clients.

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