Drupal 10 Features & Benefits

For more than 20 years, Drupal has offered users a powerful content management system. Over this time, Drupal has provided regular updates to ensure peak performance and security. The most recent update, Drupal 10, offers a range of new features and benefits.

Released in December 2022, Drupal 10 makes it easier than ever to manage a website, from creating content to moving content to adding features like multiple languages. The benefits of Drupal 10 include enhanced website performance from steps like removing old code and outdated modules, improving website administration, and content editing features. Known for its accessibility, Drupal 10 continues to improve user experience for people with disabilities.

Inclind works with all types of organizations - from large corporations to smaller nonprofits - to help them design, build, and maintain smart, effective websites. We work with various content management systems, including Drupal, to ensure that our clients get the best possible website. To learn more, reach out to talk to a member of our award-winning website design and development team.

What Is Drupal 10?

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS). An open-source CMS is maintained by a community of developers rather than one developed and owned by a company. WordPress is another example of an open-source CMS.

With an open-source CMS, the source code for the platform is available to everyone. Any user can modify the source code and create their own functionality. By contrast, a proprietary CMS - like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) - does not release the source code to the public. Typically, you will need to purchase a license to use a proprietary CMS, while open-source CMS platforms are free to use with the option to purchase additional pieces of software - called themes and modules in Drupal - to upgrade functionality.

Like other open-source CMS, Drupal has some key features that make it easy to use:

  • Templates and themes for designing a website layout and interface
  • Plug-ins (modules) to add additional features to a site
  • A “what you see is what you get” (called WYSIWYG and pronounced “wiz-ee-wig”) editing software that allows users to see and edit content in a form that appears as it would on the site
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) tools
  • User management and access control options
  • The ability to add accessibility options easily

If you have chosen Drupal over WordPress for your CMS, then you may be curious as to what you’ll get making the switch to Drupal 10. Importantly, Drupal 7 will no longer be supported on January 5, 2025.  Whether you are developing a new Drupal website from scratch or switching from a different platform, there are many great reasons to use the latest version, Drupal 10.

Features and Benefits of Drupal 10

As the latest iteration of this powerful and versatile content management system, Drupal 10 brings many exciting features and benefits that promise to revolutionize how websites are built and maintained. From enhanced performance and security to a more user-friendly interface, Drupal 10 is set to empower developers and content creators alike. 

New Olivero Default Theme

This new default theme is a more modern, accessible, and user-friendly interface for Drupal websites. The Olivero theme is visually appealing and includes custom typography and color schemes. It is designed to be clean, lightweight, and fast-loading. It is also designed to meet the highest standards of accessibility.

Claro Administrative Theme

This is a more modern, user-friendly interface for administering a website. It also includes more accessibility features to make it easier for people with disabilities to navigate. This theme replaces the Seven administration theme and aligns with the latest default theme (Olivero), providing a consistent look and feel between a website's front and back end. This ensures fast-loading performance. 

Theme Starterkit Tools

It’s now even easier to create custom themes for Drupal websites. Drupal 10 allows you to bypass the process of creating a subtheme using the core Classy theme. Customizable templates can be used to create a unique theme. Both templates and tools in this kit were designed with accessibility in mind. 

Improved Performance and Scalability

This feature makes it easier for companies to create and manage websites that perform well. Some new performance features include improved caching mechanisms to speed up website performance, efficient content delivery mechanisms to deliver content reliably, and improved database performance to reduce database server loads.

Better Editing Features

Drupal 10 makes it easier for users to create and manage content through the CKEditor 5. This includes an improved WYSIWYG editor that is more intuitive and has a simpler interface for ease of use.  It also allows inline editing so that content can be edited directly through the site’s front end (instead of navigating to the back end). There is also a new media library and enhanced collaboration features to allow multiple users to work on the same content at once.

Advanced Security Features

Open-source CMS platforms are often dinged for potential security risks, given that anyone can access the source code. However, Drupal has recently updated its security features, requiring users to choose more secure passwords and providing better security for third-party modules. This makes it a simpler process to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Drupal 10 also offers regular security updates to address vulnerabilities.

Improved Multilingual Support

Drupal 10 now supports language types and contains improved language detection tools. This makes it easier to translate content and manage translation workflows. These features make it easier for companies and organizations to create and manage websites in multiple languages and create a more personalized experience for users. Because of this tool, website visitors will also find it easier to switch between multiple languages on Drupal websites.

Better Content Management

The purpose of most websites is to deliver content - including text, blog posts, photos, and videos - to users. Drupal 10 offers a way to streamline the management and creation of content. These tools make it easier for users to move content, manage media, and preview content changes before publishing.

Removed Or Modified Features

Drupal 10 also removed or changed some features that existed in prior versions to improve website performance and reliability. This includes:

  • Removal of deprecated code, which is old, unused code that may cause compatibility issues with this and future updates
  • Decoupled menus so the data is stored in Drupal but displayed on the front end separately. This allows for improved performance and greater flexibility.
  • Removal of core modules that are either deprecated or have limited use, with the goal of improving site performance. These modules can be replaced with either custom code or new modules. Some of the removed modules include Workspaces, Overlay, and PHP Filter.

Ultimately, the goal of Drupal 10 was to offer more accessible, visually appealing, and more responsive websites that are easier to use and manage. If you want to upgrade to Drupal 10, the award-winning website design and development team at Inclind can help you with the process.

Work with Inclind to Build a Great Drupal Website

When it comes to CMS, there are a lot of great options out there, from open-source CMS like WordPress and Drupal to proprietary platforms like AEM. If you have chosen to work with Drupal, you may need assistance learning the system and designing and developing your site. We can help.

Inclind works with businesses from all over the mid-Atlantic region, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and other groups to help them create visually appealing, highly effective websites. Our services include website design and redesignconversion optimizationcustom integrationsaccessibility audits, automation, and ongoing support and maintenance. Whether you are working with Drupal or any other CMS platform, we can help you achieve your goals when it comes to your website. 

Interested in learning more about upgrading to Drupal 10? Fill out our online contact form or hit the live chat button to talk to one of our experts about your website.

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