Migrate content from MODX and Wordpress


Bridgeland planned community Drupal website screenshot


Migrate content from MODX and Wordpress

We built Bridgeland.com from the ground up into a responsive Drupal 7 website with a parallax home page, over 400 blog posts, 3rd party integration with their lead management system and a user-friendly content editor.


Bridgeland was looking for a team to build a new website for their large residential and commercial planned community. Their existing MODX and Wordpress systems contained hundreds of events, articles and pages that needed to be consolidated and migrated to Drupal. They also required a mobile-friendly front-end design and an easier way to create and edit content. Their site targeted sales leads and existing community members, so it needed to serve multiple functions, and they required a tight timeline for project completion.


Inclind partnered with marketing firm JMMC to build a custom solution. JMMC handled the graphic design and marketing aspects of the site while Inclind provided Drupal expertise and development skills. We built the site with a flexible responsive layout that looks great on desktop, tablet or mobile and implemented a smooth parallax home page that responds to user scrolling by pulling in elements from offscreen. We also built a newsletter sign up form that works with Bridgeland's own custom 3rd party lead management software to track potential and existing customers. The site successfully incorporates the old blog posts, events and pages into the new design and hosts the newsletter for the community. Visitors to the site can use its home search tool to browse the MLS listings for the Bridgeland community. Suh-weet!

Services: Data migration, Drupal training, Custom modules, Responsive web design, and 3rd party integration

Tags: drupal development services, drupal migration, and real estate web design

Technology: Drupal, Zurb's Foundation Responsive Framework, Wordpress, and MODX

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