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We build digital healthcare platforms that enrich patient-provider connections.

Enhancing Patient Accessibility with Intuitive Web Design

Making it easier for patients to access quality care with a welcoming first impression.

Your medical practice works with a diverse population, so the need for site accessibility extends beyond the bare-minimum legal requirements. We understand this at Inclind and we work closely with you to develop a site that is easy to navigate for everyone. We know the web content accessibility guidelines inside and out. We've developed our own set of best practices for accessible web design and we'll make sure your new site is ADA-compliant. We also offer web accessibility audits if you'd like to know where your current website stands.

Tailoring Medical Websites for Every Healthcare Need

Elevating the online presence of healthcare services with a personal touch.

Inclind is a custom web developer, which means that your medical practice website won't be built from a generic template with limited options for you to choose from. We completely customize your website to meet the needs of your organization and patient population.
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Intranet Solutions

We've been known to connect and engage employees through Custom Intranets. Whether it is centered around Social Engagement or Team Member Benefits, allowing your team to interact with your company always raises morale.
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Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling is a convenient process that serves to bridge communications and appointments between patients and providers. As enhancements in technology progress, Inclind works to offer you the most streamlined solutions.
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Recruitment Options

Effectively presenting your company is an essential key in acquiring the best talent. Even in Healthcare, effectively recruiting the top talent of the industry is crucial. With our solutions in Integration and Analytics , we've helped organizations continue to scale and extend their reach.
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Online Bill Pay Options

Eliminating friction for patients leads to more recurring revenue. Patients cite issues with costs or billing as a main reason for leaving a healthcare provider. Offering online bill payment not only improves patient satisfaction, but simplifies record-keeping, and shortens the accounts receivable cycle.

Crafting Digital Spaces for Healthcare Heroes

Creating websites that help others so you can focus on caring for your patients.

We can help you build a fast, secure, high-performing website regardless of the type of medical practice you run. The Inclind team brings over 90 years of combined experience to the table. Inclind has also been building sites since 1999. In that time we've worked with a variety of different types of medical practices, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Physician private practices
  • Dentists
  • Dermatologists
  • Dietitians
  • Optometrists
  • OB-GYNs
  • Gynecologists
  • Pediatricians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Counseling centers
  • Lasik vision centers
  • Veterinary hospitals
  • Orthopedic specialists

Leading Developers of Websites for Pediatricians

We know what parents are looking for.

Provide your patients with an exceptional online experience and create your new practice website with Inclind.


Partnering with TidalHealth

TidalHealth has provided over 120 years of healthcare on the Delmarva Peninsula. They offer a full range of services, including neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, joint replacement, emergency/trauma care, comprehensive cancer care, wound care, and clinical trials and research.

We had the opportunity to completely redesign TidalHealth's Website to fit their organization's New Branding Guidelines. With UI / UX in mind, Inclind was able to develop a stunning and interactive digital experience for Visitors to their new and improved website.

Our relationship goes much further than Projects, as we engage with TidalHealth's Marketing Team to help support and manage any issues while always working towards nurturing new and innovative ideas.
In order to improve a User's Ability to Schedule an Appointment Online, Inclind embarked on a Journey with TidalHealth to design and help integrate Open Scheduling into their website. Given the ever-changing landscape in Healthcare, this improvement has proven to be helpful to patients while streamlining appointments for Providers.
Inclind was approached to build and design an Intranet for TidalHealth Verified Employees with Single Sign On Capabilities. This Project gave team members the opportunity to view important resources related to the organization and directly communicate with Administrators through a Custom HelpDesk Module related to Requests and Inquiries. This is just the beginning as TidalHealth looks to add more and more content as time goes on.

Designing Medical Websites with Patients in Mind

Where functionality meets confidence, creating spaces that comfort and inform.

Intuitive Navigation

Navigation is a core pillar of web design. Users will need to navigate across pages as they obtain more information and continue in their journey through your conversion funnel. Moreover, navigation is often one of the first things users see when a page loads. A well-designed navigation system can help to reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates. You'll want to keep your main navigation as simple as you can. You can always add more menu items via dropdowns. We also recommend adding breadcrumbs into the design to help users navigate back to previous pages. Furthermore, implementing a site search feature can help users easily find the page they're looking for.

Simple Layouts

Flashy designs look great. Designers love creating extravagant designs and healthcare brands tend to also love receiving them. However, patients aren't as fond of them and that is who the website is ultimately developed for. Your site visitors are navigating your website to complete an action or retrieve information. The easier you make it for your visitors to realize their desired outcome, the better your website will perform. Unnecessary design elements and obtrusive animations offer distractions at best and user confusion at worst. Simplicity is your friend when it comes to medical website design and that applies to all aspects of the design (colors, typefaces, graphics).

Clear Calls To Action

More visitors will take your desired conversion actions when you highlight your desired conversion actions in your design. We like to design our CTA buttons to be a contrasting color from the background that surrounds them. We also like to have the wording for the buttons clearly outline what action the button will help the user accomplish, whether that action is to Schedule An Appointment or Find a Doctor.

We're here to design a

custom solution that fits your practice.

Strengthening Your Online Practice with Secure Websites

Providing the highest level of security to protect patients' trust and safeguard practice and patient data.

One of the critical components of medical website development is security. Healthcare organizations are held to higher security standards than the average business. If your website is hacked and data is breached, you'll need to answer to both the FTC and the Department of Health and Human Services. Our developers keep a finger on the pulse of security trends to create the most secure sites possible. We'll help you protect your practice and patient information. We also offer automatic security updates and regular security.

Custom Healthcare Apps

Need a custom app developed to match your new website? You don't have to shop around separately for an app developer. Inclind develops both healthcare sites and healthcare apps. Our app developers work with a flexible toolkit to be able to adapt to solve difficult healthcare challenges.

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