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Middle East Policy Council

Partnering with MEPC

The Middle East Policy Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that was founded in 1981 to promote a better understanding of the Middle East among policy-makers and the public. The MEPC's mission is to educate opinion leaders and the public about the political, economic, and social issues affecting U.S. interests in the Middle East through publications, briefings, roundtables, and other forums.

We were approached by MEPC to help outline Brand Guidelines along with New Designs for their Website, and obviously we jumped at the opportunity to work with an organization who is committed to crafting information and resources for those interested in a variety of topics, events and news. The MEPC Team has worked closely with our Design & Front-End Team to identify areas that could not only look better but function in a manner where users will engage with the content much more. Inclind works from in an Atomic Design fashion (from the bottom - up) to help assist in the overall design of a digital experience.

Whether it is Analytics (which can be a part of your Support Plan), general fixes, upgrades, you-name-it; Inclind is happy to help. Our relationship with Star Roses has grown beautifully just like the plants they have been producing for years and years. Not only do we help support the main site, we lend a hand when it comes to the multiple sub-sites for each Brand to better assist the team from a global standpoint.

As the Drupal Platform is always improving, it is a good idea to take advantage of new features both on the back and front-end of your website by upgrading to the Latest CMS. During this process, Inclind works hard to ensure that nothing gets left behind during these changes. Not only do we want to retain all data and information, we want to make sure that the overall functionality stays intact once the site is Upgraded to a Newer Version of Drupal, WordPress or other CMS Platform.
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