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Shaun Tyndall is the founder and director of Inclind. He has been developing websites and brands since 1999. Inclind was originally started out of Shaun's dorm room at Wilmington University. It has since grown to become one of the most robust and skillful web development agencies in the Mid-Atlantic.

Shaun is well-versed in a number of CMS platforms, including Drupal and WordPress. He is a Drupal Association Supporting Partner and has contributed to several Drupal projects. Shaun regularly lends his web expertise to assist nonprofits, medical organizations, energy companies, and more in solving complex website problems. If you're looking for a seasoned website consultant with a track record of success, Shaun Tyndall is the person to speak with.

What Can a Website Consultant Do for You?

Mapping out and guiding your website's path to success.

A website consultant is a website expert that can be hired as an external resource to fill in an expertise gap. A website consultant can assist in offering insights and solutions on a number of different aspects surrounding websites. The scope of website consulting work varies based on budget and the needs of the company or organization in need of consulting services. Web consulting work often falls into five different categories: strategy, design, development, analytics, and marketing.

Website Strategy Consulting

The first step in any successful website project is creating a strategy that will lay out the roadmap for all of the work to come. You want to be focusing on the aspects of a website that are going to move the needle for your business and you want to avoid common pitfalls for your project. Shaun can work with you to develop a winning strategy that will help you visualize and plan out your website project.

Web Development Consulting

Web development projects are expensive. The last thing you want to do is throw thousands of dollars and hours into developing a site that is clunky or poorly optimized for performance. Shaun can consult with your organization throughout the development process to vet developers and ensure best practices are followed for security, speed, and search engine optimization.

Web Analytics Consulting

Just about anyone can build a website these days, but not everyone can make your website work for you. Improving website performance requires good data. You can't find what is working on your website and analyze performance gaps and issues without data. Shaun can help you implement better tracking and analyze your data to identify strengths and weaknesses with your website.

Web Marketing Consulting

You can't expect to drive leads, donations, and sales by simply putting up a website. You need a marketing strategy in place to drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic. Shaun can work with your organization to develop or improve your marketing strategy. You'll be able to work directly with Shaun to identify ways to reach your target audience and grow your brand awareness and site conversions.

Web Design Consulting

Design is one of the core components of any website. You need a site that is easy to use and guides users towards your desired conversion actions. Shaun can consult on your website design to make sure best practices are used to improve conversion rates and eliminate user frustration.

Why Bringing in a Website Consultant Makes a Difference

We're here because we want your web project to thrive.

There are many benefits you could receive from working with a website consultant. Below are just a few of the benefits clients commonly experience when working with Inclind for website consulting services.

Clear Vision & Strategy

Execution on a website project is so much easier with a clear vision and strategy. Shaun will work directly with you to understand your goals and objectives and craft a strategy that will help you.

Well-Developed Buyer Personas

Your website messaging, design, and marketing will be ineffective if you're not speaking to the right audiences. Shaun can help you develop buyer personas for your website and figure out how to speak to these different personas on the site.

Better Site Architecture

How you build and organize your site has a major impact on performance, especially for search engine rankings. Your site needs to be well-organized with a clear hierarchy for search bots to be able to crawl and understand your site. Shaun can help you improve your site architecture to build a strong foundation for all of your website marketing efforts.

Improved Site Design

Great design is born of two things: simplicity and clarity. Shaun can help you improve your site design to better engage visitors and lead them down your conversion funnel.

Save Money & Resources Avoiding Pitfalls

Shaun has made a lot of mistakes and witnessed a lot of mistakes being made in his last two decades developing websites. He can apply all of his insights and lessons learned to your website project, so that you can avoid making similar mistakes. Website projects are very rarely cheap. You could save thousands on development and design fixes doing things right the first time with the guidance of Shaun.

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Shaun Tyndall and the rest of the team at Inclind bring over 90 years of combined experience to the table with hundreds of sites launched and worked on. When you engage Inclind and Shaun for website consulting services, you'll be working with professionals who have the skills, knowledge, and tools required to solve any website problem - no matter the complexity.

Knowledge and experience aren't the only things you gain when you work with Inclind. You'll also benefit from the unrivaled level of service and support we provide. You'll never have an issue reaching Shaun and we respond promptly to all messages to keep the project moving smoothly. We love to build lasting relationships with the organizations we work with. We invite you to schedule a time to talk with Shaun and our team at no cost.

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Ready to start working on your website project with the guidance of a website expert? Shaun would love to talk with you about your project. You can get in touch with Shaun by filling out the form on this page, or by calling 1-302-856-2802.

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