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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the platform your website runs on and the structure of the site can significantly impact its performance, scalability, and user experience. Re-platforming your site to a new platform or migrating to a new structure can be a crucial strategic move for businesses seeking to leverage more advanced features, improve site functionality, or align with changing digital strategies. At Inclind, we specialize in making these transitions smooth, secure, and beneficial for your long-term digital success.

What Is A Website Migration?

Moving sites, not stories: your content's new beginning.

A website migration is the process of making substantial changes to a site's structure, tech stack, design, content, or content location. Small site changes (changing font colors, adding a few new paragraphs to a page, changing one URL, etc.) aren't considered migrations. The term migration implies major large-scale changes. These changes can have immense impacts on your site's performance and as a result, are best left to professionals to perform.

Benefits Of Site Migrations

Peace of mind with every website migration.

There are many benefits that organizations stand to gain from performing a site migration. Common benefits our clients experience from site migrations include:

Enhanced Performance

Migrate to a platform that offers better speed, reliability, and user experience.

Advanced Features

Leverage newer, more advanced functionalities your current platform may lack.

Improved Scalability

Future-proof your website with a platform that grows with your business needs.

Increased Security

Upgrade to a platform with robust security features to protect your site and data.

SEO and Compliance

Benefit from improved SEO capabilities and ensure compliance with the latest web standards.

Types Of Website Migrations

Why moving your site with Inclind is the beginning of something great.

A website migration is a very broad term that encompasses many different specific types of migrations. There are seven different types of migrations a website could undergo. Inclind can assist with any of the different types of migrations below.

Website Re-Platforming

CMS or re-platforming migrations are the types of migrations you likely think of when you hear the term website migration. Re-platforming entails moving a site from one content management system to another, or upgrading the version of an existing content management system. Our experienced developers have streamlined our re-platforming migration process over the years to make re-platform migrations as seamless as possible.


Many sites commonly utilize subdomains to host different types of content. Enterprise organizations will often host their blogs or software apps on subdomains. However, having your content on one domain is often better for SEO and site visibility. Inclind can help you migrate content from a subdomain to your main domain or vice versa. We can also provide expert advice on whether or not a subdomain migration would be beneficial for your business.


A domain migration is performed when you want to move your site from one domain to another. Domain migrations are commonly performed for company re-brands when a company changes its domain name to match its new brand name. Our team can help perform domain migrations so that you're able to successfully migrate without any loss in site visibility or traffic.


Website redesigns often aren't thought of as website migrations, but they technically are. Major code and structural changes tend to occur with site redesigns, which meets the criteria to qualify redesigns as a migration. Inclind offers award-winning design help through our website redesign services. We can give your site both a visual and a performance boost.


Protocol migrations are relatively easy to do, but still important to perform. If your site is using the http protocol, it should be migrated to https to improve security and safety for site visitors. Inclind can help you migrate protocols from http to https through our website support and maintenance services.


Modifying the structure of your website often involves modifying the URL paths where content is located. When you change URL structures the content has to be migrated. When you work with Inclind for our site audit services, we can advise on whether or not any structural changes should be made to your site.

Top-Level Domain

Migrating your top-level domain involves switching your site URL from one top-level domain (.net, .com, .org, .us, etc.) to another. There's a common misconception that top-level domains affect SEO. Google has confirmed that top-level domains aren't used as a ranking factor and have no bearing on rankings. You shouldn't migrate top-level domains in the hope of increased organic traffic, but there may be other valid reasons for migrating top-level domains. Our team can help you determine if migrating top-level domains may be beneficial for your site.

We have

best practices for SEO.

How Website Migrations Affect SEO

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One of the largest risks of performing a site migration is a drop in search visibility. If a migration is performed properly, you'll see little to no impact on your search visibility (it's always possible you may even see an increase in visibility in some cases). However, if a migration is not executed properly, you could see a decline in search traffic that could take months to recover from.

Our web developers collaborate with our SEO experts for migration projects to ensure the migration does not negatively impact your site's SEO. We map out all URLs and place the proper redirects for any URLs that will be changing. Any content or design changes are also reviewed against our SEO best practices to make sure search engines can still properly analyze and understand your content.

Our Site Migration Services

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Inclind offers a range of migration services tailored to your specific needs. As a custom web design and development agency, we're able to personalize our services to provide solutions that will meet your goals and objectives.

CMS Migration

Our team can help you migrate your site from one content management system to another. We can also help you upgrade your content management system to the latest version. Common CMS migrations we perform include:

Drupal 7 to Drupal 10

Upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 to leverage the latest advancements in Drupal's CMS technology.

Drupal to WordPress

Transition from Drupal to WordPress for enhanced ease of use and flexibility.

DNN to WordPress

Migrate from DNN to WordPress to capitalize on its extensive plugin ecosystem and user-friendly interface.

WordPress to Drupal

Ideal for those seeking a more robust content management system with extensive customization capabilities.

Joomla to WordPress

A transition for users looking for an easier-to-use interface and a larger community support base

Squarespace to WordPress

For users moving towards a more flexible and SEO-friendly platform with extensive plugins and themes.

Shopify to WooCommerce

Perfect for businesses wanting more control over their e-commerce platform and integration with their WordPress site.

Wix to WordPress

Suitable for those who want to migrate from a template-based website builder to a more customizable and powerful platform.

Blogger to WordPress

For bloggers who want to upgrade to a more professional and versatile blogging platform.

Magento to Shopify

Aimed at businesses looking for a more user-friendly e-commerce platform with less technical overhead.

Typo3 to Drupal

For organizations needing a more scalable and secure enterprise-level content management system.

Weebly to WordPress

Ideal for users who start with simple website builders and want to move to a more robust and scalable platform.

HTML/CSS to WordPress

Transitioning from static websites to a dynamic CMS for easier content management and functionality.

Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress

A move for users affected by the end-of-life of Adobe Business Catalyst, seeking a reliable and flexible alternative.

Site Hosting Migration

Web hosting that is fast and secure.

Looking to migrate your site to a better web host? Inclind offers fast and secure web hosting services. We can analyze your existing hosting setup to help you determine whether or not you'd benefit from switching your hosting over to us. Hosting with Inclind often translates to faster site load times, reduced security threats, and rapid website support.

Domain Name Migration

Changing your domain name might seem like a trivial update, but it can have major consequences for your site's search engine performance. Our team will help you place the proper redirects to perform a successful migration from one domain to another.

Consider site load times and security with your web host.

Staying fast and secure is our goal.

Our Seamless Migration Process

The heavy lifting is on us, and we're ready for it.

Our approach ensures minimal disruption to your business:

Initial Assessment

We evaluate your current site and determine the best target platform based on your needs.


A detailed migration plan is developed, outlining the process, timeline, and expected outcomes.


Our experienced team carries out the migration, ensuring data integrity and minimal downtime.

Testing and Optimization

We rigorously test the new site for performance and optimize it for search engines.

Post-Migration Support

Our support extends beyond the migration, ensuring your new site performs optimally.

We're experienced in migrating over websites.

No downtime, database errors or broken links.

Our Edge in Website Migrations

Our approach, experience, and the company we keep are unique.

If you want your site migrated without broken links, database errors, broken pages, or downtime, you need to work with experienced and meticulous professionals. Inclind has been developing and migrating websites since 1999. Our team of experienced developers, designers, and SEO specialists bring over 90 years of combined experience to the table. We've spent over a decade refining our migration processes to make site migrations as stress-free as possible.

You'll be paired with a dedicated project manager for your migration project who will provide you with regular updates and can answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the process. Businesses choose Inclind because we marry technical expertise with unrivaled customer service to provide the very best migration experience available.

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