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American Councils

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Since 1974, American Councils for International Education (AC) has been making international education accessible for all. And today, the organization has built a global community of 85 countries and 89,000 alumni through cultural and academic exchanges, research assessments, language immersion programs, and professional development. AC's alumni include everyone from high school students to professionals, national leaders, ministers, members of parliament, ambassadors, and CEOs.

As the Drupal Platform is always improving, it is a good idea to take advantage of new features both on the back and front-end of your website by upgrading to the Latest CMS. During this process, Inclind works hard to ensure that nothing gets left behind during these changes. Not only do we want to retain all data and information, we want to make sure that the overall functionality stays intact once the site is Upgraded to a Newer Version of Drupal, WordPress or other CMS Platform.

Whether it is handling Drupal Core or Module Updates or collaborating with the Client to tackle a new suggestion, Inclind is here to help. Our experience and motto of "We Lead with Support" rings true for all of our Clients; we want to make a difference before, during and after major projects. The great relationships we form with those we are working with go hand in hand with the positive improvements we make to a digital experience.

It is very integral for site's to meet the ADA Compliance Standard for their level of Business. We have the ability to run ADA Compliance Audits in order to outline items that need to be addressed. Collectively compiling these fixes allows our developers to make sure that the Website meets Usability Standards that allows for easy navigation for individuals that may have impairments.

We offer a wide variety of Audits to our Clients in order to identify areas that can be improved. Beebe certainly takes advantage of these offerings to ensure that they can continue to grow and trend upward. Once improvements are identified, our Design Team works with the Client to present options with a focus on UI/UX Design and modern techniques.

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