Get Well Delmarva: A Comprehensive Web Development Story

The Challenge:

Get Well Delmarva aimed to establish a prominent online health and wellness presence. They faced multifaceted challenges, including the need for a comprehensive responsive web design and strategic expertise to create a user-friendly and scalable editorial platform. This is where Inclind's proficiency came into play, intending to deliver a custom, secure, and engaging Drupal website.

Project Consulting

Inclind's role extended beyond development to providing strategic consultation on best practices and user experience design. Our industry expertise and hands-on approach ensured that Get Well Delmarva was equipped with the functionality and capability needed in a robust content delivery platform, backed by a design that resonates with its audience.

We delivered a full investigative and creative process. This meant exploring UX ideas for engaging visitors, connecting them with authors and how healthcare professionals would be presented. Our creative process went beyond color and style to defining the algorithms used to feature articles and connecting visitors to content they may be interested in reading.

Custom Web Design

Our solution featured a user-centric design emphasizing ease of navigation and the integration of custom article templates. Catering to diverse content like recipes, podcasts, and news, these templates ensured a cohesive and engaging user experience across various media formats.

Our Solution:

Inclind crafted a comprehensive suite of solutions for Get Well Delmarva, addressing their unique needs precisely. Our approach encompassed everything from reliable support and maintenance to a user-friendly backend, focusing on maximizing user engagement and operational efficiency.

Support and Maintenance

We provided consistent technical support and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and security for the website. Regular updates kept Get Well Delmarva in line with industry standards and trends.

Easy to Use Backend

The user-friendly backend system empowered the Get Well Delmarva team to manage content effectively, fostering a sense of autonomy and efficiency. This intuitive platform enabled effortless content management, from article creation to real-time updates.

Podcast Integration

We integrated a diverse range of podcasts into the website to enhance user engagement. This addition broadened the content spectrum, offering users an engaging and varied way to consume wellness information.

Custom Article Templates

Our custom templates were designed to streamline the creation of varied content types. Each template was tailored to meet the specific needs of different content categories, ensuring a flexible yet consistent user experience.

Author Profiles

Personalized author profiles were implemented to foster deeper connections with the audience. These profiles highlighted the expertise and personality of each author, building trust and encouraging user interaction.

Technology Used

The website was built on Drupal 9, later upgraded to Drupal 10, ensuring a secure and scalable content management system. Additional technologies like Google Analytics were incorporated to enhance functionality and provide insights into user behavior. Brevo was implemented to collect emails for marketing purposes.

The Result:

Get Well Delmarva Web Design and Development

Inclind's engagement with Get Well Delmarva resulted in a state-of-the-art web platform that exceeded expectations. Our comprehensive approach included strategic consulting, a user-friendly interface, and custom design elements to ensure easy navigation. Integrating podcasts, author profiles, and advanced technologies created a dynamic and interactive wellness hub. This modern, secure, and user-focused platform has set a new standard in digital wellness communication, showcasing Inclind's ability to deliver exceptional solutions in the health and wellness sector.


Client Quote: 

"Our team had the privilege of witnessing the remarkable journey of the Get Well Delmarva project, a brand-new health and wellness website that offers valuable content in various mediums. Collaborating with Inclind was a true delight. Their unwavering dedication and innovative spirit resulted in a final product that surpassed all expectations, offering a user-friendly platform that will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the well-being of Delmarva."


Laren MacMillan  
Director of Brand Marketing

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