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Why WordPress Maintenance Services Are Needed

We ensure your website is continuously running even when you're away.

Your WordPress site is one of the most valuable assets your business owns. This piece of online real estate connects you to the entire world and could be your largest source of leads, clients, donations, sales, etc. Like any asset, your website can deteriorate with time if it isn't properly maintained. Out-of-date plugins can cause certain site functions to stop working. An old site theme could lead to a site hack. Even an old site design could lead to a drop in conversions over time.

You need your most important asset running smoothly and efficiently at all times. WordPress maintenance makes sure your website is working for you and not against you by keeping your site secure and up-to-date. By investing in ongoing maintenance, you can safeguard your site against security vulnerabilities, plugin and theme conflicts, and potential downtime. Overall, prioritizing WordPress maintenance is an investment in the stability, security, and success of your WordPress site.

WordPress Website Support Vs Drupal Website Maintenance

What is the difference between support and maintenance?

Support and maintenance are two entirely different sets of site activities, but the words are often incorrectly used interchangeably. Inclind offers both WordPress support and WordPress maintenance services and we can provide them in varying capacities depending on your site's needs.

WordPress Support Work is Reactive

This work is performed to fix or address known issues with the website. Example WordPress support tasks would include:
  • Performing theme and plugin updates
  • Diagnosing and fixing broken site code
  • Performing site speed work to improve the speed of the site
  • Removing or updating broken site links

WordPress Maintenance is Proactive Work Performed to Improve the User Experience and Prevent Issues from Occurring

Example WordPress maintenance tasks would include:
Both website support and maintenance services are necessary to keep your site functioning and grow your business. We can provide these services for you at very affordable rates. Contact us today to speak to our experienced WordPress developers and receive a free quote.

WordPress Maintenance Services

Enjoy peace of mind with our team monitoring your site.

Our experienced designers and developers have the skills necessary to work on sites in any industry. We work with many different kinds of businesses across the country, but we commonly serve organizations in the following industries:

Tailored WordPress Support & Maintenance Services

Custom solutions to fit every need and challenge.

Our support and maintenance services are offered at different package levels to meet the varying needs of various organizations. The work performed on your site will depend on the package you select, but common activities we perform as part of our WordPress maintenance and support services can be found below.

Content Modifications & Site Edits

Modifying content or changing the layouts of certain sections on your site can be time-consuming, especially if you're not very familiar with PHP or the WordPress CMS. Our experienced WordPress developers can help you update content and modify the layout of your site to save you time and energy. We can help with changes as small as updating a few words on a page to changes as large as performing a complete website redesign.

WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates

WordPress websites require frequent updates. Between your site theme, your site plugins, and the WordPress Core, there tend to be several site components that need to be updated each month. We'll test for conflicts before we make updates to make sure there aren't any issues caused by an update. We also regularly monitor for updates, so that we can make important security updates quickly to keep your site secure.

WordPress Analytics Reports

Our team can provide monthly analytics reports so that you don't have to waste any of your time collecting and interpreting site data. Our in-depth analysis can provide the actionable insights you need to be able to develop more effective marketing campaigns.

WordPress Site Backups

If your site goes down and you don't have a recent backup available, you could lose data or site changes. Our team prevents loss by performing backups on a daily basis. You won't lose anything if a plugin update creates a conflict or an issue arises with your site theme.

WordPress Security Scans & Updates

Maintaining a secure site is crucial to the smooth operation of your business. Even if you don't have any sensitive data stored on your site, hackers could still add, modify, or remove pages that could harm your search engine rankings and set you back for several months. We take site security very seriously. Our developers keep a finger on the pulse of site security trends to implement the latest best practices. We regularly scan your site for vulnerabilities and keep your site up to date to keep it impenetrable.

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Inclind has been a leading WordPress website support and maintenance company for over a decade. We've been serving site owners since 1999 and we've worked with a wide variety of organizations across a number of different industries. Our services are flexible with a variety of support plans and retainer options to fit the needs of your business.

Companies and organizations choose Inclind for WordPress maintenance and support because we strive to over-deliver in all of the work we do and we deliver our exceptional work at affordable rates. You can operate your business with peace of mind knowing that your site is secure and is actively monitored at all times during the day. We also have the resources necessary to scale and grow with you as your business grows.

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Ready to stress less over your WordPress website with top-tier support and maintenance services provided by experienced WordPress developers? We'd love to explore your needs and determine how Inclind can best provide support and maintenance services to maintain and improve the performance of your site. You can speak with a member of our team by calling 1-302-856-2802 or by filling out the contact form on this page.

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