Inclind's Collaboration with Heritage to Transform Heartland's E-Commerce System

A Successful Partnership to Develop an Improved E-Commerce Experience

Inclind's recent partnership with Heritage proved to be a transformative collaboration in the world of e-commerce. Heritage, a digital solutions provider, sought Inclind's expertise to assist their client, Heartland, upgrade their outdated e-commerce system. This partnership resulted in a successful e-commerce solution customized to Heartland's requirements and demonstrated our capabilities in working together collectively.

The Challenge:

Heritage's goal was to modernize their client's e-commerce website, but they faced the critical need for a partner well-versed in Shopify. They turned to Inclind because we have the experience, technical sophistication, and knowledge of working with this online platform from diverse past projects. We integrated ourselves quickly with the Heritage team, and together, we collaborated in revamping Heartland's online store, ensuring a contemporary and efficient shopping experience for Heartland's customers.


Our commitment to excellence and open communication made it easy for us to understand Heritage's goals, specific requirements, and objectives for Heartland. Frequent meetings, transparent feedback, and a unified dedication to delivering top-notch service were the cornerstones of our successful partnership. This facilitated the smooth execution of the project and helped us reach our ultimate goal of providing Heartland with a modernized and user-friendly e-commerce platform.


Heritage strategically selected us as their project provider, as we could execute the project successfully. Throughout the collaboration, our main focus was to deliver an easy-to-use interface while paying close attention to detail, which resulted in minimal stress or worries for Heartland. This further enhanced Heritage's reputation and solidified our position as a reliable and trusted partner in their network. The project's success highlighted our commitment to enhancing Heritage's reputation and improving client satisfaction.

Our Solution:

In our partnership with Heritage and Heartland, collaboration was our approach. We could migrate Heartland's content, relieving them of the technical intricacies while preserving their valuable data. Education was pivotal in empowering Heartland's team with the skills to navigate and optimize their new Shopify platform. As advisors, we shared our in-depth knowledge of Shopify, providing valuable insights and strategic direction to ensure Heartland's long-term success. Together, these elements formed a holistic solution that streamlined the project and solidified our commitment to our clients' success.


We recognized that their ultimate goal was to achieve a modernized e-commerce platform, and to make this a reality, we actively engaged in a collaborative effort. Through continuous communication, we gathered insights, feedback, and requirements from Heritage and Heartland, ensuring their visions and expectations were effectively translated into the project's execution.

Content Migration

Along with modernizing their e-commerce user experience, we took on the responsibility of transferring their existing content to the new Shopify platform. This meticulous migration process alleviated Heartland from content migration's complexities and potential pitfalls. By delivering a smooth and efficient transition, we ensured that Heartland's valuable data and assets were preserved, setting a solid foundation for its revamped online presence.

Client Education

We understand that providing Heartland with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate its new Shopify platform was essential for long-term success. Through tailored training sessions and resources, we empowered Heartland's team to confidently utilize its e-commerce website to its full potential. This commitment to education reduces the learning curve and fostered self-sufficiency, enabling Heartland to manage and optimize its platform independently and effectively.


Acting as trusted advisors, we leveraged our deep expertise in the Shopify platform to provide Heartland with valuable insights and guidance. Whether it was explaining the intricacies of Shopify's features, offering best practices for e-commerce success, or providing strategic direction, our role as advisors extended beyond mere technical support. We were dedicated to helping Heartland make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of their new e-commerce solution.

The Result:


Inclind's capability and skillset in working alongside other teams shone brightly throughout the project, demonstrating our versatility as a partner. As a result of our collective efforts, Heartland now boasts a modernized e-commerce site that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. This achievement left Heartland thrilled with its new online platform and solidified Heritage's satisfaction with our partnership. We were able to help Heritage help their client, reinforcing our reputation as a reliable and valuable collaborator. The project's success is a testament to the power of effective teamwork. It showcases our ability to align our expertise with our clients' goals, ultimately driving them toward greater success.

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