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A Leader in Senior Living & Care for Over Three Decades

Erickson Living has been a leader in vibrant senior living for more than 30 years. Its mission is to enrich the lives of seniors, their families, and our employees through innovative lifestyle choices and experiences. Erickson serves more than 22,000 people in 18 communities in 10 states., with a vision to create meaningful connections and lifelong memories for all they serve.

LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland (39.2904° N, 76.6122° W)

The Challenge:

After first partnering with Erickson Living to successfully migrate to Drupal, we recently worked with their team again to update theirwebsite. We took on the technical, development duties, while R2integrated grabbed the website design reins.

Yes, Erickson Living showed off their thousands of web content items (articles, photos, media, forms, etc.) on a new, more robust Drupal content management system. But now they needed to tweak it for an even better user experience. This is where we stepped in, basing the improvements needed off measurements we took from our first round of development.

Our Solution:

Our team worked collaboratively with R2integrated to improve Erickson Living’s web user experience. To do that, we incorporated more engaging opportunities, like videos, to complement the written content. We also migrated Tribune, Erickson Living’s online news portal, onto the site to leave a more robust, relevant impression. Also from an anesthetic standpoint, we made an adjustment to the responsiveness of the site’s presentation to accommodate their older audience on tablets, making the functions more touch-friendly.

The Result:


We always love working with Erickson; and being able to add another partner to this party was great with R2Integrated. Inclind loves to collaborate and work together on all levels; it not only helps us create stronger relationships but learn from each other.

Our work on this site greatly improved how users navigated (successfully) throughout the site while adding an overall level of ease for Content Managers on the Back-End at the same time!

Photo Gallery

Here are snapshots we took along our journey together.

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