Site-Wide Alert Systems Make It Easy to Update Site Visitors on COVID-19

A Simple Banner can prove to be very helpful to outline events, issues and current news on your site

As businesses begin to reopen and restrictions change daily, you may be struggling to communicate your latest updates to customers and web visitors efficiently. Consider implementing Drupal Sitewide Alerts. The notices that usually reside above the website header, are a quick way to guide traffic to up-to-date information across devices without a lot of heavy lifting.

Here is an example of how we used sitewide alerts effectively. Beebe Healthcare is a regional healthcare system based in Lewes, Delaware, and serves the southern part of the state. This area, although mostly rural, quickly became a COVID-19 hotspot due to its location on the Delmarva Peninsula, which is home to many poultry processing plants where COVID-19 quickly spread.

Recently refreshed and upgraded to Drupal 8, Beebe Healthcare’s website was getting a large onslaught of visitors needing access to a range of information. Visitors had general fears about their health and wellness, were concerned about rescheduling their elective procedures, needed to know where to get COVID-19 testing or how to volunteer or donate to the hospital. Beebe’s marketing team needed a way to quickly funnel this diverse set of users to the content they were seeking — content that was quickly changing as lockdown orders evolved and the healthcare system was updating policies almost on an hourly basis.

It was determined that the best user experience would be to use sitewide alerts to send users to one destination that addresses the range of questions. Sitewide alerts provided a means for users to clearly see the path to that information from any entry point in the website — whether they were starting from the homepage or from a post they accessed from a social media update.

During this time, we received inquiries from a host of clients to find ways to best communicate their COVID statuses, from waste disposal companies to real estate brokers and nonprofit associations. After seeing the success of the Beebe model and since the Drupal ecosystem allowed sitewide alerts to be easily implemented across multiple websites, using this strategy proved to be an efficient way to help clients inform audiences of their current business situation without a lot of development effort or instruction.

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