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Beebe Healthcare’s Enterprise Website

Redesigned healthcare enterprise website build on Drupal 8

Beebe Healthcare’s Enterprise Website

Migration of


This project has been a long time coming. Inclind has been Beebe’s web development partner for 10 years, providing ongoing support on an aging Drupal platform. When the plans to upgrade and redesign started to become a real possibility, Beebe’s marketing team turned to Inclind for design and development.

The project included a design refresh, a migration of five other websites both on Drupal and Wordpress into one Drupal 8 platform and a re-architecture of content. Using Gutenberg for Drupal allows content creators to build visually interesting landing pages.


Clean, Modern Design
With guidance from Lyft, Beebe’s advertising agency, a modern design was developed using the atomic design approach to better reflect the Beebe brand. The design included a simpler navigation, interactive tabbed content areas to create interaction, designing visually rich landing pages, implementing accordions to show and hide content to streamline pages, feeds of card carousels for doctors, article content and locations, and creating modern post layouts are all improvements to make the new website more user-friendly.

Data-Driven Decisions
Design and content architecture was guided by user data analyzed from the current website.

Better Page Layouts
The Beebe marketing team wanted the ability to create complex landing pages on the fly. Using the Gutenberg content editor facilitates this goal. Service line pages (cardiology, oncology, etc) utilize custom designed blocks to help make content more visually appealing and to provide a more consistent visual system. By using the atomic design approach, the designer worked with the front-end developer to move the design elements into Pattern Lab to establish a living reference of the visual system. The Gutenberg content editor was chosen to facilitate the layouts of pages with the new visual elements.

D7 to D8 Migration
Five websites were migrated to Drupal 8 to take advantage of Drupal 8’s features. Inclind did a careful inventory of the thousands of pages of content to streamline the site architecture. Page content was converted to Gutenberg blocks and restructured to take advantage of the new visual system.

Better Searches
Data showed most users were searching for doctors or locations. Locations went from a basic page on the old website to a feature with searches by services (imaging, labs, walk-in care), by specialty (cardiology, oncology) and zip code. Results are returned by proximity to the user both as cards and plotted on a map. Searching doctors and providers was upgraded with filtering capabilities and speedy results. Doctors could be searched by specialty, name or location. Searches are powered by Solr for lightning fast results.

The result is a patient-centered user experience that is optimized for speed and performance and provides content managers a more robust editing system with more control over page layouts. The website is positioned to evolve to make more use of future features to help the marketing better understand their audience and deliver the content tailored to visitor’s preferences.

Services: Responsive Web Design, Drupal Development Services, and Drupal Migration

Tags: drupal development services, and drupal migration

Technology: Drupal 8, TWIG, Pattern Lab

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