Revolutionizing American Portable with Advanced Web Solutions

The Challenge:

American Portable's outdated website posed significant challenges, including an inefficient user interface, subpar user experience, and a cumbersome order processing system. These issues not only drained valuable time but also impeded effective order management. Inclind's mission was to overhaul American Portable's digital presence, enhancing accessibility, automating processes, and positioning them at the forefront of the competitive portable storage market.


Addressing the lack of mobile responsiveness was crucial for American Portable. A mobile-friendly design would improve the user experience and boost search rankings. We implemented a responsive design, optimized content for mobile users, and improved site navigation, ensuring accessibility across all devices.

Custom E-commerce Integration

We skillfully integrated WooCommerce into WordPress, creating an attractive and functional online storefront. This integration streamlined the order management process, enhancing user experience and aligning American Portable's operations with modern e-commerce standards.

Our Solution:

Our tailored solution for American Portable focused on refining their online ordering system for an efficient user experience. We introduced a user-friendly free quote feature, enabling quick and easy quote acquisition. A custom location filter and secure payment systems, including Authorize.net, were implemented, contributing to a robust, user-centered digital platform.

Mobile First Design

We brought American Portable into the modern age with a mobile first design approach that facilitates the most important customer engagement experiences on mobile and tablet devices. GeneratePress was used as the foundation for a whole new ordering experience and customer account management interface.


15+ years ago Inclind developed the first ecommerce platform for American Portable using ColdFusion and MySQL. We were able to migrate product, location and other key data accumulated over the year directly into WooCommerce. This helped us streamline the project and eliminated lengthy manual data entry for Inclind and American Portable.


Automation played a crucial role in American Portable's operational overhaul. By integrating DocuSign, we automated the contract distribution process for renting storage units, eliminating manual tasks and boosting operational efficiency.

Custom Checkout Experience

Enhancing the online ordering system, we ensured transparency in pricing and simplified the e-commerce experience. The navigation was straightforward, the checkout process was streamlined, and visually appealing elements were incorporated. Our solution also addressed tax calculations based on zip codes and introduced coupon discount codes.

Location Map Filter

The revamped location map filter offers a refreshed, user-friendly interface. This redesign includes an intuitive map navigation system, enabling users to locate nearby American Portable units effortlessly.

Technology Used

Developing this platform required deploying secure and efficient technologies. We utilized WordPress and WooCommerce along with Authorize.net for payment processing. DocuSign was incorporated to modernize and secure the contract signing process.

The Result:

American Portable Custom Web Development

Our comprehensive digital transformation for American Portable led to a significantly improved online presence. The WooCommerce and WordPress integration modernized the platform and introduced automation, reducing manual tasks and boosting efficiency. The user experience was greatly enhanced through an effective online ordering system with a free quote feature and a user-friendly location map filter. The integration of DocuSign automated the contract process, ensuring secure transactions. American Portable emerged as a digitally empowered leader in the portable storage industry, showcasing a dynamic, customer-centric digital platform.

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