BeebeNet Intranet

BeebeNet Intranet

Drupal 8 and Open Social Intranet

BeebeNet Intranet

BeebeNet Intranet


Beebe Healthcare’s marketing team was tasked with improving internal communications among hospital administration and staff. The current intranet was static and navigation was cumbersome, which is where the team at Inclind came in.


Beebe’s flagship website,, was already designed on Drupal, so it was a comfortable decision to align with the main website.

The main goal of Beebe’s intranet was to keep administration and staff in the loop on events and news, as well as to provide quick and easy access to commonly shared files and other information, both organization-wide and across departments. Bottom line, the intranet should be designed to create a positive user experience, so visitors will repeatedly revisit.

After conducting discovery on finding the right technology to create a scalable intranet that would facilitate these goals, the Inclind team proposed Open Social. The team then customized Open Social’s baked-in features to meet Beebe’s goals, adding some capabilities to put static content in motion, like commonly accessed files. A bookmarks menu was created as a custom feature and an alerts mechanism was included to allow for communication in case of emergency.

The result for BeebeNet is a Facebook-style application or Intranet, complete with feeds of news posts, events and announcements. Phase one of BeebeNet was met with positive feedback amidst hospital personnel.

Services: online portals and intranets, Drupal Development, and Open Social

Tags: drupal development services, healthcare web development, and online portals and intranets

Technology: Drupal 8, Open Social

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