Working Remotely Helps Optimize the Inclind Team in Many Positive Ways

Working Remotely Helps Optimize the Inclind Team in Many Positive Ways

Remote work may seem scary, but it offers a lot of advantages to our Company

Shaun Tyndall | 2019-01-25

We’ve posted a lot lately about website optimization. We are dedicated to the health and wellness of the websites we develop and deploy, but we also focus on the wellness of ourselves because optimized people make optimized websites. One way we do this is by cutting out the commutes and working as a distributed office.

Have you seen our team, looking so dapper on our home page? Peak behind the curtain here at Inclind and you will find each us sitting in the comfort of our homes working diligently on your website project.

It was decided a few years back to test out the concept of a distributed office and it stuck. Working from home allows for flexibility in managing career and family, which became important as our team grew up.

So how does this help our well-being?

More Free Time
In a recent story by NPR, the average American one-way commute time is 26.9 minutes which is steadily on the rise year-to-year. Working remotely gains us an extra hour in our day to focus our efforts on important endeavors in work and family life. That time can be committed to improving our own skills and brushing up on knowledge in our ever-evolving industry or even something as simple as taking a break to pick our kids up from school.

Remote Working Is Less Stressful
While increased work/life balance is a big benefit of remote working, being in a distributed workforce has other benefits for overall wellness According to, 2018 data shows working remotely increases employee productivity (no water cooler gossip or Office Space-esque Bill Lumbergh interruptions) while lowering stress and boosting morale. It’s easier to get in that gratifying zone of productivity when you can mute the outside interruptions.

Makes Healthy Habits Easier
Computer working has its health hazards like prolonged sitting, which can have a negative health impact like premature death. Yikes! According to the Mayo Clinic, studies showed that sitting for more than eight hours a day can cause the same health risks also posed by obesity and smoking.

So how does the Inclind team mitigate these risks? Standing while coding, biking while answering emails, taking breaks for walks, scheduling in yoga sessions, running and CrossFit are some of the ways the team combats this occupational hazard of death by sitting too long.

Working remotely gives us the flexibility to take a quick gym break or go for a run around the block. The beauty is you can get right back to work since no one will be offended if you’re sweaty and didn’t shower.

Also being able to fit in healthy meals is a bright side to remote working. Working from home makes it easier to prepare healthy lunches on the fly and avoid the pitfalls of grabbing lunch out that comes with office working. Some of our resolutions of eating green things that are supposed to be green and adding in more meatless meals are a little easier to accomplish without spending a ton of time packing lunch for the office. And if you cook up a bunch of kale in your microwave, your coworkers won’t hassle you over the smell. Win! Win!

Keeping Connected
While some may feel working from home might be isolating, we keeps ourselves pretty connected by using tools like Slack to communicate throughout the day, Trello to manage our projects, to meet with each other to discuss projects and Go To Meeting to meet with clients for project kick offs and weekly checkpoints. We have bi-weekly virtual office lunches and Monday morning team tactical. With all these tools that facilitate remote working in place, we are always in communication which lessens that feeling of isolation.

In Conclusion
As you can see, we feel working remotely has a lot of pros that far outweigh the cons when it comes to giving our web projects our best efforts. And while we are always happy to meet up with you at our Lewes office location, you can find us best in the spaces we are most comfortable, in our home offices and on the inter-webs.

To find out more about how we can put our optimized selves to work on optimizing your website, chat with us today!

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