National Veterans' Training Institute (NVTI) WordPress Migration

Modernized and Easy to Use Content Management System

The National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI) is a venerable organization dedicated to advancing the skillsand opportunities of those who have served in the military. NVTI offers comprehensive training programs, resources, and support to enhance the professional development of veterans and the workforce professionals who assist them. We collaborated with NVTI to elevate their content editing experience by modernizing their website to WordPress without compromising their existing design.

The Challenge:

The National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI) approached Inclind with a clear and specific mandate: migrate their existing website from DotNetNuke (DNN) to WordPress without altering the established design and content. The driving decision to accomplish the project was to implement a digital training application form that integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With this we were able to simplify the content management process for the NVTI team, enhance the website's security, and improve page load speed, all while maintaining the integrity of the existing design and content.

Preserving Design and Content Integrity

The organization emphasized the importance of maintaining a consistent user experience, ensuring that their audience would encounter the same familiar and intuitive interface post-migration. Every aspect of the website’s design and content was carefully analyzed and replicated on the new platform.

Boosting Performance

A faster-loading site, thanks to optimized coding and images with security enhancements to ensure a safer user experience. For the NVTI team, the new WordPress system made updating and managing the site much easier, allowing for quicker and more effective communication with their audience.

Our Solution:

Each of the solutions we implemented was carefully selected to ensure the smooth transition of NVTI’s website to a more secure, and user-friendly WordPress platform. Our approach preserved the existing design and content while introducing significant improvements in performance, security, and manageability.

GeneratePress Frontend

Inclind suggested the integration of GeneratePress alongside GenerateBlocks, offering a performance-optimized base that enhances page content management through Gutenberg. By incorporating Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and aselection of other front-end plugins, we successfully crafted a front-end experience that aligns with contemporary benchmarks, including Google Core Web Vitals and WCAG 2.1 AA standards. This approach ensured an efficient, and compliant user experience on the client's website.

WordPress Migration

By moving to WordPress, we enabled a more intuitive content management experience for the NVTI team. This solution provided a user-friendly interface, facilitating easier updates and management. WordPress’s extensive plugin ecosystem and community support offered enhanced functionality along with scalability options for the future.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM Integration

This integration provided a connection between the website and NVTI's customer relationship management. It enabled better tracking of user interactions, improved data management, and facilitated personalized communication strategies. Inclind utilized Gravity Forms as the core solution with an addon plugin to facilitate the synchronization of data to Dynamics CRM.

.NET Nuke Replatform

This transition was carefully managed to ensure data integrity and minimal disruption. The move to WordPress from a .NET Nuke environment meant adopting a more flexible and widely-supported platform. It enhanced the website's adaptability to changing needs and technological advancements, ensuring NVTI's digital presence remains dynamic and forward-thinking. for Client Feedback was instrumental in collecting client feedback during the development process. This tool allowed the NVTI team to easily annotate and report issues directly on the website, significantly speeding up the review and revision cycles.

Pa11y for Accessibility Guidelines

We used Pa11y to ensure that the new WordPress site adhered to strict accessibility guidelines. This tool automated the process of identifying accessibility issues, helping us create an inclusive and accessible web experience for all users.


We leveraged the powerful features of Screaming Frog to conduct a thorough quality assurance of our content migration process. This comprehensive tool allowed us to meticulously verify the transfer of internal links, images, and other critical elements, ensuring a smooth and accurate transition for our website.


Our DevOps process leverages GitHub for version control, continuous integration, and for secure and scalable hosting. Through automated CI/CD pipelines, code updates are deployed to different environments, ensuring a robust and efficient development lifecycle.

The Result:

NVTI WordPress Migration

The transition to WordPress significantly improved the site's speed and user experience, maintaining the familiar interface while enhancing backend functionality. The integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM streamlined NVTI's customer relationship management, enabling more effective user engagement and data handling. The shift from .NET Nuke to WordPress also positioned NVTI for future scalability and adaptability in the digital landscape. Overall, this project delivered a secure, and user-friendly digital presence for NVTI, aligning with their mission of serving veterans with efficiency and excellence.

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