Inclind earns Shopify Expert Status: What that Means for Everyone

Inclind earns Shopify Expert Status: What that Means for Everyone

Let's Talk Shopify, and how it can help grow and manage your E-Commerce Business

Deserie Lawrence | 2015-11-24

Inclind Inc. designed like an expert, clients opened successful online stores, and now Shopify has crowned the Southern Delaware-based web agency with an official Shopify expert status.

How’s that for e-commerce royalty bragging rights?

Let’s break down what that means, exactly, for digital clients, for online consumers, and for Inclind, as a newly dubbed Shopify expert.

According to Gillian Massel of Shopify, in order to be considered for Expert status, applicants submit five active stores they’ve built on Shopify. The Shopify team then reviews the five submissions to determine whether the builds demonstrate a high level of expertise in the area the Expert has applied for. “So when a potential client is searching for an agency expert, our selection process guarantees they will find a highly qualified and reliable match,” she says.

And there’s nothing better than streamlining your customers’ online shopping time and increasing your profits, knowing you have an e-commerce king holding the reins. Those Shopify areas of expertise include:

- Web design, in which experts know a thing or two about designing a beautiful, customized storefront that reflects your brand – inside and out, from just a few small tweaks to a complete overhaul;

- Developer, in which experts make sure stores have all the bells and whistles of advanced functions, like custom apps and integrations;

- Marketing, in which experts help boost sales via special promos, SEO optimization, social media campaigns and essentially build a community around your brand;

- Photography, in which experts capture your products from behind the lens through high-quality professional photos that sell. Because, after all, image is everything.

“Many of our clients didn’t even know about Shopify until we introduced the platform to them,” says Shaun Tyndall, Inclind’s founder/director. “We’re hoping people will find us on Shopify and have sites built this way, too, and we want to offer better e-commerce options for clients they didn’t know they had before.

“We don’t just provide one Web design solution,” he adds, “we like to have a set of tools, and Shopify provides a set of tools that’s best of breed.”

Inclind has built dozens of sites for clients via responsive Drupal and Shopify platforms over its 16 years in the web design biz and cites benefits like cost-effectiveness, security and capability.

RAPA Scrapple, a family business that dates back to 1926, but hasrelied on Inclind to stay up-to-date with the ecommerce trends and retail orders of their pork products.

Shopify, originally a snowboard online store startup in 2006, only hopes to grow, support and improve into the “federated commerce” network that encompasses newer territories, from pop-up shops and smartphone apps. The public company out of Ottawa, Canada, just announced partnerships with Twitter, Facebook and Amazon, featuring “Buy now” buttons on Twitter and “Shop” sections on Facebook, as well as Uber to acquire same-day delivery service in three U.S. cities. Shopify currently has 200,000 customers in 150 countries.

If you’re shopping for a better online store presence, let’s chat to discuss options with the Shopify Expert.

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