Delivering CookieYes to ensure compliance for our clients

As champions of digital compliance across the board, we've deployed CookieYes on over 20 websites we manage. This initiative reflects our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of digital integrity and privacy. By implementing CookieYes, we equip our clients with customizable, user-friendly cookie consent tools that adhere to global privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, fostering deeper user trust.

Our personalized strategy includes a comprehensive site review to pinpoint unique compliance requirements, ensuring a smooth integration experience for every website. At Inclind, we're not just about compliance; we're about setting the standard for privacy and trust in the digital landscape.

Why our clients want CookieYes

Our clients wanted CookieYes for its ability to simplify GDPR and CCPA compliance with customizable cookie banners, automate website scanning for cookies, manage granular consent effectively, and support various languages and CMS platforms. It helps them solve these challenges:

  • Compliance with privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA)
  • Enhancing user trust through transparency
  • Managing and categorizing cookies 
  • Automating consent and preference tracking
  • Avoiding legal and financial risks
  • Improving user experience with customizable consent banners
  • Facilitating global compliance with multi-language support
  • Simplifying website management with automated scanning
  • Providing clear audit trails for consent
  • Adapting to evolving privacy regulations


CookieYes offers a tiered pricing model to cater to various website sizes and needs, starting with a free plan for basic use, ideal for blogs and personal websites. For businesses and organizations with growing needs, there are progressively more feature-rich plans, including Basic, Pro, and Ultimate, each offering increased page scans, page views, and customization options.

CookieYes Price

Ready to enhance your website's compliance and user experience with CookieYes? 

Visit our CookieYes page to discover how our tailored solutions can streamline your site's cookie management, ensuring it meets global privacy standards. Let us help you navigate the complexities of digital consent.

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