GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Enhance your online presence with AEM, providing a hassle-free and successful journey.

Elevate Compliance with Inclind's Cookie Management Solutions

We make navigating web privacy easy.

Maintaining compliance is crucial to preserving your reputation and operational excellence in the dynamic world of web privacy. At Inclind, we advocate utilizing sophisticated cookie management tools to master these challenges, guaranteeing that each user's privacy preferences are honored and that your website adheres to rigorous legal requirements.

CookieYes: Simplifying Cookie Consent for Legal Peace of Mind

Let's enhance user trust with customizable solutions.

CookieYes simplifies cookie consent management for GDPR & CCPA compliance, offering a customizable, code-free setup to enhance user trust and legal conformity. Embrace transparency and protect your digital presence.

Simplifies Compliance

Automates the cookie consent process to meet GDPR & CCPA standards easily.

Customizable Setup

Offers code-free customization to align with your brand, enhancing user trust.

Legal Protection

Ensures your website adheres to international privacy laws, minimizing legal risks.

Enhances User Trust

Transparent cookie management builds confidence among your site visitors.

Streamlines Consent Management

Provides a straightforward approach to efficiently handle user consents and preferences.

Let Inclind Navigate Your Compliance Journey With CookieYes.

We don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

We provide tailored support to set up, configure, and deploy CookieYes according to your specific needs. Our process begins with a thorough site audit to determine your exact compliance requirements, ensuring your website meets all legal standards without compromising user experience. Trust Inclind to make your transition to full compliance seamless and efficient.

Tailored Solutions for Seamless Website Compliance

We can empower your website.

Custom Cookie Banners

Personalize layout, branding, and language to seamlessly fit your website's design.

Granular Cookie Control

Allows precise management over cookie categories, enabling users to consent per their preferences.

Automated Website Scanning

Regular scans detect and categorize all cookies, ensuring your site's cookie list is always current.

Foolproof Consent Management

Geo-target your consent banner, record consent logs for legal proof, and integrate seamlessly with Google Consent Mode for analytics.

Free Policy Generators

Quickly generate custom privacy policies through an easy-to-use questionnaire, aiding compliance with minimal effort.

A Smooth and Customized CookieYes Implementation

We can help with your CookieYes integration.

Our team will guide you through setting up, configuring, and seamlessly integrating CookieYes into your site. Let us tailor a solution to your needs, ensuring smooth compliance and peace of mind every step of the way.

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