The 15 Best Club Website Designs

Clubs aren’t just something that you join in high school. Across the country, adults and children alike join clubs to exercise, learn something, or simply socialize with like-minded people. 

Having a website for your club is important both to keep current members abreast of the latest news and to recruit new members. A well-designed club website will be easy to view on smartphones and tablets, have plenty of pictures of club members and events, and include a members-only area. Our list of great club website designs can help inspire you as you start the process of building a website for your organization. 

At Inclind, we know that all types of organizations may need a website to help them spread the word or achieve a particular goal (such as more members). Our team of award-winning website designers and developers works collaboratively to help our clients get a website that works for their unique needs. Our services include website design and development, custom integrations, accessibility audits, website migrations, and more. If you want to create a website for your club, reach out today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team. 

What Should a Club Website Include? 

Club websites are places where people can go to learn more about a club and its activities. They often have features like a portal for members or a calendar of events. Because most clubs are local - rather than national - they often have smaller budgets for things like websites. 

While club websites might not have all the fancy features of a large national organization, they should still include some basic features. Adding these features is typically low-cost and relatively easy through content management systems (CMS) like Drupal or WordPress

Ideally, all websites - including club websites - should be optimized for mobile. Data shows that people most often access websites through smartphones or tablets. Making sure that your website can be viewed just as easily on mobile devices as on laptops ensures that both current and prospective members can access information. 

Websites should also be accessible so that people with disabilities can view them. There are web accessibility guidelines that are helpful when it comes to accessible website design. By making design choices like using high-contrast text and incorporating alt text for images, your site will be accessible to all. 

Club sites usually benefit from having members-only content. This is often done through a membership portal. Once members log in, they can access a membership directory, content, and events. 

A club website should also include plenty of photos and videos of both members and club events. This can be fun for members - and also serve as a recruitment tool for others. 

In addition, a club website should include: 

  • A join page where people can become members of your club; 
  • A donate page (if appropriate); 
  • Call to action buttons to encourage people to join and/or donate; 
  • Information about the club, including its purpose and values; 
  • and A calendar of events or ways to get involved. 

These features can often be added through plug-ins or by integrating the site with third-party software to add functionality. A skilled website design and development team with specific experience with membership organizations can help you achieve this goal. 

15 Great Examples of Club Website Designs 

Understanding what should be included in a club website is just the first step. You may also need some inspiration to figure out how you want your website to look and work. Below, we have put together a list of some of the best club websites out there to help you get started. 

Tennis Sydney 

Tennis Sydney is an Australian tennis club specifically for LGBTQIA+ people. Its website does a great job of making a good first impression, with a vibrantly colored tennis court as the background. Underneath the text is a clear call to action (CTA) to “get started.” On the side of the screen, a pop-out menu has a few straightforward options in high contrast text - play tennis, membership, events, about, and contact. 

The Black Girl Social Club 

The Black Girl Social Club is an organization dedicated to creating sanctuaries for Black women and girls. Its website is clean and simple, with a white, black, and pink color scheme. Directly under thetitle, visitors will find a menu with the main information they need to know– including how to start your own chapter. 

Mile High Run Club 

Mile High Run Club is a specialty gym dedicated to helping people reach their running goals. Its website features a large picture of its members after a race in the background, with a splashy banner and text advertising a marathon training sale. Members can log in, and book runs through the drop-down menu at the top. 

The Chicago Club 

The Chicago Club is a social club for Midwest business leaders that is a hub for exchanging cultural, societal, and intellectual ideas. It has existed for over 150 years, and its members have included influential figures such as George Pullman, Marshall Fields, and Cyrus McCormick. The website design captures the club’s elegance with an engaging hero video, a sophisticated serif font, and a custom menu icon. Each section includes an image gallery highlighting different aspects of the club’s offerings and history. 

Soho House 

Soho House is an exclusive social club with locations worldwide. Its website reflects this high-end endeavor, with a photo of one of its luxe spaces dominating the screen. Black text on a white background - a great high-contrast choice for accessibility - invites visitors to explore membership and learn more. 

Jack and Jill of America 

Jack and Jill of America is a leadership organization for Black mothers and their children. Its website includes a scrolling photo gallery that highlights its main programs. Members-only content is available through a button at the top of the screen - along with ways to get in touch. A search function makes finding exactly what you need to know easy. 

Switchback Ultimate 

Switchback Ultimate is a Seattle-based ultimate frisbee club. Its website is a good example of how to build an effective website on a limited budget. While it doesn’t have many frills, it features a picture of the club members across the screen and a menu with options to learn more about the club. As visitors scroll down the page, they will also see photos and information about the club’s values. 

Lakes United Seagulls 

Lakes United Seagulls is an Australian rugby club. Its website features the team’s bright colors with white text and drop-down boxes for options like learning about the club’s history, sponsorship, and membership. A pop-up box on the home screen allows visitors to check out photos of the team. 

The Club at Nevillewood 

The Club at Nevillewood is an upscale golf and social club. Its website puts the golf course and grounds front and center, with scrolling photographs to entice potential members. Along the top, visitors can learn more about the club’s amenities, history, and membership options. A member login link allows club members to access members-only information. 

New York Athletic Club 

The New York Athletic Club isn’t a gym but an organization dedicated to sporting excellence. Membership is by invitation only and is considered very prestigious. The website does a good job of being informative - with information about its facilities and storied history - while highlighting its exclusivity. 

Greenhouse Sports 

Greenhouse Sports is a club dedicated to helping young people in sports. Although geared towards children, this charitable organization relies on donations and volunteers. Its bold graphic website uses great color, including a bold green donate button along the top. The drop-down menu also helps to explain the organization and how adults in the community can support it. 

The Fighters Club 

The Fighters Club is a Hong Kong-based boxing gym. Its website is sleek and modern. A great photograph of the facility dominates the page. The website design echoes the gym's colors, making for a visually stunning website. Along the top, visitors can book a free trial, reach out directly to the gym, or simply learn more about it. 

Nittany Lion Wrestling Club 

Nittany Lion Wrestling Club is a well-known wrestling organization located near Penn State. Its website highlights the achievements of its members and offers plenty of opportunities to join and donate to support its work. It also includes a link to sign up for its newsletter, a great way to keep in touch and potentially recruit new members. 

Austin Deaf Club 

Austin Deaf Club is a social club for people with hearing loss in the Austin area. Its website is not fancy, but it is effective. Bright white text pops against a black background. Besides the club logo at the top, there are many options for learning more about the club, joining, and logging into the members portal. This website proves that you don’t have to have a big budget to make a website that works for your club’s needs. 

Best Buddies Florida 

Best Buddies Florida is an organization that supports kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Its website makes good use of color, with its signature color purple used throughout. Two menu bars are also across the top, with the “donate” option prominently highlighted. There is also a members-only area, plus a link to a store where people can buy club-branded gear. 

Need A New Website For Your Club? We Can Help 

A club website doesn’t have to be super fancy to be effective. As long as it contains basic information, is accessible and optimized for mobile, and is easy to navigate, a club website can serve as both a recruiting tool and a resource for members. Working with a website design and development agency is a great way to promote your club website. 

Inclind works with all types of organizations, including clubs and membership associations, to help them dream up, design, and build great websites. Our award-winning design and development team can walk you through the process for your club website, from website design and development to website redesign to website support and maintenance to custom integrations. With our experience with nonprofits and membership associations and our technical expertise, we are well-equipped to help all types of clubs design fantastic websites. 

We are always here to chat with you if you'd like to learn more about our web design, development, and support services for clubs. You can call 800-604-8139 or fill out our online contact form to talk to one of our team members about your club website.

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