Eaton Realty

A Real Estate Brokerage Built on Streamlining the Customer Experience

Eaton Realty is a family-owned and operated business and believes that overall success comes from the relationships built with its clients. Eaton is dedicated to providing quality service and making the home buying, selling, or renting process as smooth as possible for everyone involved. They also manage properties and invest in real estate, so Eaton has you covered whether you’re looking for a new place to call home or need help managing your current property.

Our Tools

Check out the Hiking Tools We Take on Our Adventures

Over the years we've gathered tools to help us accomplish amazing things.
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Travel Album

Have a look at some photos from our travels together.

We love to capture moments during our adventures, who doesn't love a good photo?

Trail Badges Earned

Along our journeys, accomplishments are made and hurdles are overcome. It is important to recognize services and successes, which is why we came up with a way to track our Client's achievements. Consider this a trophy case or a sash filled with merit badges.
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ADA Compliance

Analyze website for proper color contrast, readability, and accessibility features to provide an efficient user experience for those with disabilities.

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Custom Theme Design

Create new website theme including typography, page layouts, custom blocks and global elements based on the CMS and template being used for the website.

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SEO Improvements

Researching keywords specific to local and overall industry-specifics to perform better in search engine rankings and reach a larger audience.

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Target Audience Research

Analyze industry and create demographics/user profiles to better determine marketing strategies that best resonate with target audience

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UI / UX Enhancements

Analyze the overall website navigation experience, typography, colors, and buttons to determine where visual and interactive improvements can be made to ensure an enjoyable user experience throughout the site.

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Website Architecture

Define the hierarchical structure of all website pages (including internal linking) to will help users find information and search engine crawlers understand page and component relationships

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“We're proud to now have a high-performance website that is accessible, editable and deliver the same the high quality experience to our Client online as we provide in person. ”

Shawn Eaton

Director of Operations

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