Delaware Electric Co-Op

A Utility Company Built on Customer Service & Savings

Delaware Electric Co-Op was formed in 1936 by a group of farmers in southern Delaware. The major utilities at the time wouldn’t invest the capital to expand the electrical infrastructure to ruralareas, so farmers formed a non-profit utility and financed rural electrification themselves. DEC has changed a lot since the 1930s, but we are still member-owned. Delaware Electric Cooperative (DEC) is a unique utility and our business model is strikingly different from investor-owned utilities. DEC's only goal is to do what’s best for our members.

Our Tools

Check out the Hiking Tools We Take on Our Adventures

Over the years we've gathered tools to help us accomplish amazing things.
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We love to capture moments during our adventures, who doesn't love a good photo?

Trail Badges Earned

Along our journeys, accomplishments are made and hurdles are overcome. It is important to recognize services and successes, which is why we came up with a way to track our Client's achievements. Consider this a trophy case or a sash filled with merit badges.
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Delaware Co Op
“They're a wonderful company, and we thoroughly enjoy working with them. ”

Jeremy Tucker

Director of Marketing & Communications

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