Pulitzer Center Redesign and Redevelopment

Pulitzer Center Redesign and Redevelopment

New design and architecture on Drupal 8

Pulitzer Center Redesign and Redevelopment

Pulitzer Center Redesign and Redevelopment


The Pulitzer Center’s Drupal 7 website was in need of an upgrade.In tandem to the effort, the organization wanted to develop and launch a site for the Rainforest Journalism Fund (RJF). Through the Pulitzer Center, the RJF supports original reporting projects over five years, along with annual regional conferences designed to raise the level of reporting on global tropical rainforest issues like deforestation and climate change–leading to stories that make a difference.

Creative firm Threespot and Inclind, a Drupal development agency, partnered to redesign and redevelop the existing Center website and design and build the new RJF microsite. RJF launched in October 2020 and the Pulitzer Center website launched in January 2021.

The Pulitzer Center faced the challenge of executing a project of this magnitude during the global pandemic. With in-person collaboration impossible, the Center noted that a large, technically challenging design project can be achieved by teams connecting exclusively through digital communications tools like Zoom and Slack. From a technical standpoint, the biggest challenge in this project included the large volume of legacy content from the original Pulitzer Center website that needed to be cleanly migrated.


  • The Pulitzer Center website was upgraded from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and a new microsite on was developed on Drupal 8.
  • A new, modern design with significant visuals was integrated.
  • A story map or a visual representation of where stories were written was created.
  • A catalog of custom Gutenberg components to facilitate better visual storytelling by content editors was developed.
  • The RJF site can accommodate translation into five different languages.
  • The Pulitzer Center describes the main website as featuring a bold new design, with a homepage that crisply presents the journalism, education, and outreach programs that are key to our mission. The new platform includes robust editing tools that allow us to create stunning page layouts similar, we believe, to what's achievable on platform leaders like Medium and Shorthand.

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    Technology: Drupal 8, Pattern Lab

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