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Understanding The Key to Effective RFP Proposals

Crafting clear, compelling project communications with experienced and collaborative guidance.

RFP consultants provide valuable help and insights throughout the entire duration of an RFP project. An RFP consulting engagement usually starts with request creation and does not end until a vendor is selected.

An RFP consultant can help you write and format your RFP to effectively communicate your project as clearly and comprehensively as possible. Once the request is written, the consultant can help you preselect a list of vendors worth inviting to participate in the RFP. An RFP consultant can also manage vendor communications and submitted proposals to save you time and help you maintain a clutter-free inbox. Finally, once all proposals have been submitted, a consultant can assist in weighing your options and providing recommendations for vendor selection.

A good RFP consultant acts as both a strategic guide and a procurement project manager. RFP consulting services typically entail:

  • Creating the RFP project plan and timeline
  • Helping to define project goals
  • Assisting in establishing the scope of work requested
  • Crafting the RFP content and framework
  • Providing in-depth industry insights and recommendations
  • Developing scoring and evaluation criteria for proposals based on your priorities
  • Creating a list of recommended pre-selected vendors
  • Facilitating the collection and review of proposals
  • Evaluating proposals and providing final recommendations

The Inclind Advantage in RFP Consulting

Leveraging our expertise to get your project off to a smooth & efficient start.

Putting out an RFP can help your organization hire the best talent at the best possible price. However, a lack of knowledge in the industry you're hiring services for may result in a lengthy RFP process (spanning months), a request with an unclear scope, or the selection of the wrong vendor for the job.

An RFP consultant can help alleviate the workload for your procurement team and make hiring for specialty projects easier. RFP consultants are extremely beneficial for web and digital services. The digital marketing sector remains widely unregulated and there is a plethora of industry jargon to decipher. An RFP consultant with digital knowledge can help you avoid bad actors and find a trusted vendor to work with.

Versatile RFP Consulting for Every Project

A spectrum of services tailored to elevate your web projects.

As you start to evaluate your options for RFP consulting services, you'll find that there are three different types of RFP consultants you could choose from.

Independent Procurement Consultant

Independent procurement consultants are often the most attractive option for consulting services. These independent contractors are usually highly specialized and easy to work with. You'll develop a direct relationship, which fosters collaboration. Their industry expertise will help bring focus and clarity to the project.

RFP Consulting Firms

RFP consulting firms are businesses dedicated to providing RFP consulting services. Some of these firms may specialize in specific industries, but many of them offer more general strategic sourcing help.

Large Firms That Offer Procurement Consulting Services

Sometimes larger firms will offer RFP consulting services in addition to the other services they offer. These firms don't specialize in RFP consulting, but they still have valuable knowledge to bring to the table. You may not receive the same level of personalized help from a larger firm.

Shaun Tyndall would fall under the independent procurement consultant classification. Shaun keeps a finger on the pulse of the marketing and technology sectors. He can work as an extension of your team and provide you with the help and support you need to select the best vendor for the job.

Selecting the Right RFP Consultant: Insights and Tips

Balancing industry knowledge and market insights for your benefit.

There are many individuals and firms that offer RFP consulting services. It can be hard to determine who you should work with for your RFP project. The right RFP consultant for the job needs to understand the industry and market related to the services you're hiring for.

You should ask potential consultants about their industry experience, as well as, request references for past procurement projects. You can also inquire about their process for finding and vetting vendors. Answers to these questions and requests should allow you to better gauge which consultants are qualified to assist you with your project.

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Why Inclind's RFP Consulting Services Makes The Difference

Shaun Tyndall is the founder of one of Delaware's leading web design and development agencies, Inclind. Shaun has been designing and building websites and assisting companies with digital marketing since 1999. Shaun brings over 23 years of technology and marketing experience to the table, which allows him to provide valuable industry insights for website, marketing, and IT RFP projects.

Shaun has helped organizations and municipal governments across the country create RFPs and vet vendors. He can bring clarity, focus, and an analytical approach to your RFP project to help you save both time and money. Shaun will work collaboratively with your team throughout the entire project and can provide tremendous value at each stage in the RFP process.

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