There are a ton of Reasons to Love the Pantheon Hosting Platform, but here are Three

Pantheon offers a variety of positive aspects and safeguards that make it a premiere Hosting Platform

At Inclind, we have chosen to use Pantheon to host our clients’ sites. It gives us an efficient way to update and maintain dozens of sites in one place, so we thought we’d share 3 of our favorite things about Pantheon:

1. It allows us to spin up Multi-Dev Environments, giving us the ability to create a branch that is isolated from the main servers and letting us easily push changes from a dev site to a live site.
2. It handles Drupal core updates automatically, eliminating the need to update all sites individually.
3. Its out-of-the-box web products (such as 1-click Drupal installations) make it much easier to migrate site content from another system or server to Drupal.

As a Premier Pantheon Partner Agency we have access to a suite of free tools which includes the following:

A master view of all your Drupal and WordPress websites
Multi-Dev for all sites in your agency so developers can work together
Change Management for managing organizational roles
Tagging to keep everything organized
Want to know more about Pantheon solutions for Drupal or WordPress hosting? Let's chat today.

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