Streamlining Web Development: Integrating GitHub Actions for WordPress and Drupal

A Unified Development Approach for WordPress and Drupal

Inclind has recently adopted a more integrated approach to our web development processes, utilizing GitHub Actions for both WordPress and Drupal platforms. This integration reflects our commitment to leveraging available tools and ideas from our partners, enhancing efficiency and consistency across these widely-used content management systems.

Recognizing Alex McCracken’s Contributions

A significant contributor to this advancement is Alex McCracken from our team. Alex’s expertise in developing a customized GitHub Actions script has been instrumental in refining our workflow. His efforts exemplify our focus on practical innovation and leveraging existing technologies to improve our development processes.

Enhancing Security and Efficiency with Dependabot and Code Scanning

We have integrated Dependabot into our GitHub framework to deliver secure and efficient web solutions. This, combined with GitHub's code scanning features, bolsters the security and up-to-date maintenance of our clients' applications. These steps are vital in maintaining the high standards of reliability and safety that we commit to our clients.

Flexible CI/CD Across Various Hosting Platforms

Our integration of GitHub Actions extends beyond development convenience; it's about ensuring adaptability and efficiency in our continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) practices. This approach allows us to maintain a high level of service and flexibility, whether we’re working with preferred platforms like Platform.sh and Pantheon or other hosting solutions.

Client and Developer Benefits: Efficiency and Forward Focus

This enhancement in our operational workflow brings tangible benefits to our clients, notably in reduced application maintenance overhead. This efficiency allows us to devote more resources to developing new features and improvements. It also creates a more engaging and innovative environment for our developers, fostering creativity and job satisfaction.


Our initiative to integrate GitHub Actions for WordPress and Drupal is a thoughtful step towards optimizing our development workflow. By embracing these tools and ideas, we enhance our operational efficiency, security, and the overall value we deliver to our clients. As we continue to evolve, our focus remains on adopting practical innovations that benefit our clients and support our team's professional growth.


Next on our DevOps agenda:

  • Converting existing projects from CircleCI to GitHub Actions
  • Integrating LamdaTest for visual regression testing
  • Upgrading to Github Enterprise to leverage SSO and branch protection rulesets.


If you are interested in improving your DevOps, let us know. We are always up for a demonstration or discussion.

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