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Assisting in Migrating Four Websites to Pantheon Hosting Platform and Adding Dev Ops Best Practices

Planning for a Website Migration is always something that takes a bit of time, but four is a different story. Regardless of how many sites you have or want to migrate or update, Inclind is never afraid to tackle multiple items simultaneously. This was the case in our recent work with Strategic Dentistry when we were asked to help migrate four websites to Pantheon. As each site is unique, capturing all types of custom content, features, and other items relevant to a specific experience is critical not to lose that user, and back-end interactivity is vital. With each migration, a Discovery and Audit take place before any work is done to understand better how a site performs, works, and is put together (whether we built it or someone else did).

Another part of this request was putting Dev Ops in place to "let the robots do the work." While this sounds strange and almost futuristic, there are surprisingly a lot of solutions that have been tested and held up as industry best practices in multiple fields and use-cases. Automating certain aspects of your site and those types of updates will save you a lot of time and money that can be used to improve other items. Dev Ops is the option that can be added to any site to help maintain a strict budget and/or make better use of your Marketing Team's time with the built-in features available.

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