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Revamping an E-Commerce Experience with a New Shopify Theme

Revamping an E-Commerce Experience with a New Shopify Theme

Working with the Client to Outline and Produce a New UI / UX Friendly Modern Theme for their E-Commerce Site

Inclind Writer | 2022-07-15

Having a site consistent with your brand is very important from an overall appearance perspective and allows visitors to make the connection between your company and your Website immediately. That identification is called Brand Recognition and is why we can connect specific fonts and colors and the company it is related to without thinking. Considering these factors is a significant part of designing a website that will leave an impression on each visitor. Regardless of if you are using a Drupal Platform, WordPress, or Shopify (along with many other available options), it is our goal to use our design sense and technical abilities to represent your company in a way that is comprehensive and will encourage users to return for more (especially in an E-Commerce based business). 

Banks Wines and Spirits have a wide variety of beer, wine, spirits, and liqueurs available through their E-Commerce Website based on the Shopify Platform. With so many products and such an extensive reach, it was important for Inclind to consider these aspects when asked to provide and create a New Shopify Theme for their Website. To deliver on our promise of revamping their site's appearance while designing to accommodate various products, information, and other items, Inclind explored many design options before presenting them to the Client for review. Of course, we want to demonstrate how these new Theme Designs worked with their existing content and check each one of those boxes off of the list as well. At the end of the process, we could deliver a seamless UI / UX Friendly design throughout the site regardless of what page you were viewing.

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