RentABeach Website Redesign & Development

The Challenge:

RentABeach had grown exponentially in listings over the years but wasn’t scalable to meet user search demands. It was time to take it to the next level of search speed and expand the search capabilities to serve visitors and rental agencies better.

Whenasked why he chose team Inclind, Fred Sheffield, RentABeach creator, remarked, “I met with CEO Shaun Tyndall a year ago to discuss the requirements and felt good about his interest in the challenge.“

Our Solution:

Our main goals for RentABeach was to retain SEO from the pre-existing site, to speed up the site search to a near instant response and to leverage the website as a mobile website, or progressive web app (PWA).

The Inclind team helped to engineer the more improved search function:

- By implementing a power combo of decoupled Drupal 8 and Angular along with Apache Solr as the search engine

- By driving traffic via webforms to RentABeach’s rental agency sites, rather than other rental agency sites, by syncing all data and rental property info into a single site

- By improving the search user experience with filtering capabilities that would allow users to more easily focus on the properties tailored to their needs and wants.

The Result:


The project was executed within a short completion timeline to ensure the new site could serve visitors ready to book for the upcoming summer season.

RentABeach is now a website of 10,000+ listings that delivers search results in mere milliseconds, along with a better user experience – particularly on mobile. We designed and combined an Angular search function with Drupal which has improved search speeds by 2,000%. And with the new Drupal 8 layout builder, the client can also easily create landing pages to drive traffic and improve conversions.

“I’m very excited about the speed and the capabilities of the new site and it’s a ton of pressure off of me to have a team behind me providing support,” said Sheffield. “I really enjoyed working with the Inclind team, which definitely has the customer’s best interest in mind and wants to deliver what they need.”

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