Modernizing an Existing Homepage with a Fresh Design

Upgrading Elements on MEPC's Homepage to Reflect a Modern & Sleek Presentation

Content is always important, as the main focus of a site is to gain information from an Organization, Business, etc. Still, a key element related to this and how a Visitor consumes it is undoubtedly the overall aesthetic. As time progresses and organizations expand, it is important to consider both aspects when designing a new website or just one page or a section. No matter how big or small the job is, Inclind is always excited to get their hands on a Creative Project to show the Client and their audience what we have to offer. 

MEPC approached us with other items that would contribute to a planned general site revamp, taking one step at a time. The first part of this process would be collaborating with the Client on an Updated Homepage Design. As we recognize each visitor's interaction with content varies, our team reviewed the site and proposed ideas regarding what should be featured and worked with the Client to identify the areas of focus and who would be consuming each section of information. After deciding on what should be featured, our Creative Team outlined Branding Strategies, Guidelines & Assets that would be used to help create a consistent experience reflective of the MEPC Brand. With some modern touches, unique interactive experiences, cool layouts, and hard work, MEPC was thrilled with the final result, and we are slated to continue working on a page-by-page basis to keep the momentum going in a positive direction. 

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