Increase Your Online Engagement and Relationships with a Customer Portal

Establishing long lasting relationships with visitors and clients goes a long way, we know

Are you thinking beyond your Drupal website just being, well, a website? If your website simply functions as an internet brochure for your business, there are ways to leverage your website’s platform to improve engagement with your customers or simplify processes to make communication easier.

That’s what one of our clients decided to do. Aloft AeroArchitects converts commercial airliners for personal use. Their clients are typically overseas, speak other languages and have limited accessibility due to the nature of their respective businesses and economic positions, making it challenging to adequately capture feedback during the bidding process as well as the lifespan of the project. Generally, many of these clients have point persons in place to relay information or make decisions in their place — all of this with varying degrees of knowledge, cultural differences and language barriers. Aloft’s challenge was efficiently collecting design feedback to keep projects moving forward.

“We needed to lift the barrier to capturing feedback and do it in a simple way so that we can find out if we are hitting the mark,"" stated Matthew Hill, Aloft’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

To facilitate feedback and communication, an online portal was created on the Drupal platform that powered Aloft’s website. With a login, clients could access designs and provide feedback through a simple form. The feedback form accepts their native language, minimizes clicks and filters, making it easier for clients and their representatives to provide input in their native languages, at their leisure.

“We have this web platform that is accessible anywhere,” said Hill. “Why not latch something onto it that serves a greater purpose?”

How can your Drupal website serve a greater purpose for your business and your customers? Consider leveraging it to create an online portal. Let’s chat about opportunities to expand your platform to streamline your business processes.

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