George, Miles & Buhr, LLC (GMB) Website Revamp

The Challenge:

GMB, a leader in engineering and architecture, faced hurdles with an outdated website that didn't showcase their projects effectively and was difficult to manage their content without the assistance from a developer. They turned to Inclind for a modern redesign and solutions. Complicating matters, GMB lacked a clear vision for their website's direction so we stepped in to update the design and provide crucial project management, guiding GMB towards a clear and purposeful web design.

User-Centric Digital Experience

We streamlined navigation, identified and refined the target audience, ensuring that GMB's revamped website would resonate effectively with visitors. This collaborative effort transformed uncertainty into a well-defined design strategy, enriching the user experience and aligning GMB with their intended audience.

Purposeful Web Design

We stepped in to create a website that highlights GMB's expertise and engages visitors, encouraging them to explore the potential of partnering on future engineering and architectural projects. A well-crafted web design became the key to communicating GMB's value proposition and inviting prospective clients to explore possibilities.

Our Solution:

Inclind provided GMB with a Custom WordPress design tailored to their brand, ensuring mobile-friendliness and adherence to accessibility guidelines. We’ve developed a library of reusable templates, one of them being a standardized project template, which simplified project creation for the GMB team. The introduction of mega navigation improved user experience and SEO. An animated history timeline added interactivity, enhancing visitor engagement. Inclind's solutions collectively revitalized GMB's digital landscape, making it visually appealing, user-friendly, and strategically optimized to showcase their engineering and architectural expertise.

Customized Web Design

This tailored design captures the unique identity of GMB and ensures a flawless user experience on various devices by optimizing for mobile accessibility. To uphold inclusivity and reach a broader audience, the design strictly adheres to accessibility guidelines, guaranteeing that the website is navigable and comprehensible for users with diverse needs and preferences.

Custom Video Integration

We implemented a custom video feature for GMB and skillfully compressed the video for optimal web performance, while ensuring a seamless viewing experience without compromising on quality. Taking it a step further, we were able to load two videos simultaneously without affecting performance.

Search Integration

Implemented an intuitive search feature, allowing visitors to filter content by service and various sectors. This dynamic functionality empowers visitors to pinpoint relevant information quickly and offers GMB the flexibility to manage and update content effectively.

Reusable Templates and Components

We created reusable templates for GMB, offering a solution for the effortless creation of landing pages to project pages. This simplified the content creation process for GMB and ensured a consistent and cohesive visual identity across their website. Furthermore, Inclind introduced a reusable component specifically designed for constructing GMB's leadership team page, enhancing both efficiency and visual continuity.

Mega Navigation

The mega navigation streamlines the user experience, making project exploration intuitive. It also plays a dual role in bolstering GMB's online visibility. By optimizing the website's architecture for search engines, mega navigation contributes to improved SEO, ensuring that GMB's projects are more discoverable by potential clients and collaborators.

History Timeline

An innovative approach infuses interactivity into the visitor experience, allowing them to embark on an engaging journey through the evolution of GMB. This animated timeline serves as more than just a chronological display; it isa narrative tool that brings GMB's rich history to life. Visitors can navigate through key milestones, projects, and achievements, creating an immersive and visually captivating experience

Technology Used

We used a holistic approach to integrate design, functionality, and strategy. From a custom WordPress design aligned with GMB's brand to a standardized project template and mega navigation for better user experience and improved SEO, each element complemented the others. This comprehensive strategy addressed immediate needs and positioned GMB for a dynamic and future-ready online presence.

The Result:

GMB Before and After Homepage

The outcome of Inclind's website design and development for GMB is a modern digital platform impeccably tailored to resonate with their target audience. Through strategic design choices and thoughtful user experience enhancements, the website emerges as an engaging showcase for GMB's diverse projects and services. The result is not merely a static online presence but a dynamic and compelling platform that captivates visitors, effectively communicates GMB's expertise, and invites meaningful engagement from their intended audience.

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