Erickson Living Returns to Inclind for Another Important Project to help expand their Brand

We help revamp Erickson Living’s site with a second round of upgrades

You know you’re doing something right when a client asks you back for another project. This isn’t the kind of industry that gives you second chances if you didn’t deliver the first time around. In fact, our clients, Erickson Living, even treated us to dinner the second round. How’s that for bonus points?

After first partnering with Erickson Living to migrate to Drupal 3 years ago, we recently worked with their team again to update their website. We took on the technical, development duties, while R2integrated grabbed the website design reins.

During Round 1, we helped Erickson Living showcase their thousands of web content items (articles, photos, media, forms, etc.) on a new, more robust Drupal content management system. But now they needed to tweak it for an even better user experience. Which called on our superpowers.

First, we had to know where to start, so we analyzed the improvements needed, basing them off measurements we took from our first round of development. Our team, led by the all-star Drupal developer Phil Everton, then worked collaboratively with R2integrated and the Erickson Web team to improve Erickson Living’s web user experience. To do that, we incorporated more engaging opportunities, like videos, to complement the written content. We also migrated Tribune, an Erickson Living online news publication, onto the site to leave a more robust, relevant impression. Also from an anesthetic standpoint, we made an adjustment to the responsiveness of the site’s presentation to accommodate their older audience on tablets, making the functions more touch-friendly.

The results of the latest revision of EricksonLiving.com are both user-friendly for their aging audience and sleek and modern to go beyond industry standards. That’s what we pride ourselves on accomplishing for our clients: exceeding expectations and establishing long-term partnerships.

It’s how we stay high-five happy.

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