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A Leader in Senior Living & Care for Over Three Decades

Erickson Living has been a leader in vibrant senior living for more than 30 years. Its mission is to enrich the lives of seniors, their families, and our employees through innovative lifestyle choices and experiences. Erickson serves more than 22,000 people in 18 communities in 10 states., with a vision to create meaningful connections and lifelong memories for all they serve.

LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland (39.2904° N, 76.6122° W)

The Challenge:

For Inclind’s most recent project partnership with Erickson Living, we needed to replicate the existing functionality of Taleo, Erickson Living’s current job listings system, and implement an updated front-end design. Unfortunately, Taleo didn’t allow Erickson Living the ability to edit the site, forcing staff to email the vendor to make any changes. By overriding the system with Drupal’s CMS, Inclind opened the virtual door to give content editors access to update more features on the site. Inclind also utilized the paragraph function for easier editing of more custom features.

Our Solution:

The results of the latest partnership with Erickson Living was a job listing site makeover into a sleeker, user-friendly design. Because of the upload to Drupal, the site now also allows content editors the ability to edit more of the site through the backend of Drupal.

- Implemented Solr search to make it easier for job seekers to find open positions and search by location, category and keyword

- Integrated with LinkedIn which searches for jobs matching your industry within the website

- Implemented Drupal’s paragraph function for easier editing of more custom features

- Applied Drupal’s feeds framework to facilitate the import of job listings on a daily basis. By utilizing feeds, we were able to reliably obtain the job listings with a proven framework.

The Result:


The overall effort was successful for both parties, as we had a a high level website to be proud of and the Client was able to increase their overall staffing solutions with quicker hiring processes.

Customization was certainly our friend, and our developers take pride into being able to add customized solutions that help fit your needs and wants. We are always all ears when it comes to something outside of the box.

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