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Engage Users With Creative Visual Elements.

Engage Users With Creative Visual Elements.

Inclind Writer | 2022-08-24

Adding visual elements is one of the easiest ways to make your website more appealing to end-users, creating opportunities to engage and solidify your branding.

Our partners at Beebe Healthcare wanted to find a creative and fun way for the community to express their gratitude for the dedicated Beebe team on the homepage of their website. The concept was to use a graphic of a tree that would continue to grow as people would submit messages of gratitude and recognition that they could see, along with other submissions.  

To bring this concept to fruition, we created a standard Drupal webform to collect the data (individual messages of appreciation.) Our development team then implemented some logic to automate the creation of the front-end cards that would appear on the website's homepage underneath the Giving Tree through an internal approval process to avoid duplication or spam messages.

The campaign was a success and a great example of how a simple visual element can help illustrate your content better and encourage engagement. 

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