Drupal 9 Upgrade & Composer Management

Upgrading Healthier Generations to the Latest Drupal 9 CMS with a Pantheon Based Composer Managed Site

At Inclind, we always want our clients to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest CMS opportunities, especially Drupal 9, given its new and exciting features. Whenever you upgrade your CMS, whether you are coming from WordPress to Drupal or even Drupal 8 to Drupal 9, we provide an in-depth discovery process before doing any work to ensure that we have all bases covered. Not only is this process necessary, but a solid hosting platform helps boost your website performance, security, and safety. We have found that Pantheon and the Drupal CMS seem to be a great match. 

For Healthier Generation, their goal was to have a Composer Managed Site on Pantheon with the latest Drupal CMS Upgrade. We did not shy away from this opportunity, as we have provided this service to many other clients that want to be on top of new technology and best practices. Ensuring that Drupal worked well on Pantheon and could depend on Composer Management was a crucial part of this process. A composer-managed site ensures that your databases, modules, libraries, themes, etc., are constantly protected and managed in a way that can easily be altered or updated. This behind the scene workflow is always an excellent option for any website because of its reliability and usability.


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