Does Your Site Stand Out from the Crowd?

Unique, valuable, and engaging are key elements to consider when presenting your site

Here’s a checklist, short and sweet, that you should be answering “yes, yes, and yes” to when it comes to the condition of your website:

- Is it unique?
- Is it valuable?
- Is it engaging?

If you don’t have a resounding “yes” to all three, your website could be better – and your visitors and Google will agree. It’s a good idea to really sit down in front of your website and evaluate what your users need and want, and what your website needs to stand out from competitors in your field – and to scroll through your webpages to make a list of possible improvements.

The web development team at Inclind would like to offer 3 tips to consider when giving your URL a little TLC:

Make it unique.
Visitors won’t be counting characters or indicating which keywords are properly used on the SEO spectrum, but they will take notice if your site made their lives easier with useful, unique information and content. Take note of how each webpage could be improved to provide your visitors what they need and enjoy – in a style that’s uniquely yours – as a true resource. Google will then reward your efforts with a higher ranking.

Make it valuable.
The higher the Google ranking your site receives, the more value is attached to your address and your business – above your competition. But to acquire that ranking, visitors must first use and enjoy your site. Before you think your website is complete and ranked as high as possible, try these handful of ways to optimize:

- Follow the Google webmaster guidelines here by dropping in your web address: https://varvy.com/.
- Read through blogs in your same field and see why people like them.
- Update your website design with a new theme and change out your images and graphics to those more specifically and uniquely you.
- Scroll through your webpages to make sure each one provides the best info possible in the best layout possible for your customers.

Make it engaging.
Your customers will stick around longer, interact and engage with your site when it’s more: useful, comprehensive, simple, funny, visually inspiring, up to date, responsive on mobile devices, convenient and accessible, faster, and able to solve problems now and long-term.

Check out these work examples of how Inclind followed these 3 tips to drastically improve rankings and results for our clients. We can sit down with you to go through the tips with you together – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just connect with us now.

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