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Customized Pediatric Websites

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Inclind is a custom web design and development shop, which means we don't push you into pre-designed development packages. We'll work directly with your team to identify your needs for a new website and build a scope of work around your needs. We can also custom-develop any aspect of your site to integrate a number of different functions and features. Below are some of the common features we often help integrate into pediatric websites.

Online Scheduling

Online scheduling makes the process of setting appointments convenient for patients and reduces call volumes for staff so that they can focus on more important tasks. Inclind can help you integrate online scheduling functionality into your website to create a seamless scheduling experience for patients.

Online Bill Pay

Offering online bill pay to patients helps your practice reduce the revenue cycle and save money on mailing supplies. Implementing online payment solution on your site can also improve patient satisfaction because many patients prefer to pay online when possible.

Organized Journey

We'll work closely with your team to map out what the journey of your customers will look like. We then translate that journey into your site design so that site visitors have a clear path to follow toward your desired conversion actions.

Intranet Integration

Offering employees a digital channel to communicate and share knowledge can boost employee morale and retention. Our team has a wealth of experience integrating intranet software into healthcare websites.

Best Practices for Pediatric Web Design

Let us improve your site performance.

We custom design all of our websites. Your pediatric practice is unique and we believe your website should be as well. While designs differ from site to site, there are a few best practices we incorporate into all of our designs to improve site performance.

Clear Calls To Action

Patients and prospective patients land on your website because they're looking for help or information. Their experience becomes much better when you help point them in the right direction. Having clear calls to action helps the user take the next step in their conversion journey. Inclind designs sites so that the calls to action are descriptive and the colors of the buttons contrast the background enough to stand out.

Simple Content Layouts

You may have heard the saying 'ugly websites convert better than pretty ones.' It's true and this tends to be the case because ugly websites use simple layouts. We'll design your site so that it looks good, but we'll also simplify the layout and avoid unnecessary animations and design elements that distract the user. Maintaining a simple layout helps users digest information and work their way to your calls to action.

Intuitive Navigation

Users will rarely find everything they need on one page of the website, which makes navigation incredibly important. We spend a great deal of time designing navigation during the design and development processes. The more intuitive you can make your site navigation the higher your conversion rates will be. We also recommend implementing breadcrumbs into site designs to help users navigate back to previous pages if they need to.

Web Accessibility for Your Pediatric Practice

Allowing everyone access to your site.

Accessibility is important for pediatric practices and not just because of the legal requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Your practice serves many different families with varying needs and abilities and it's important for your website to reflect that. Fortunately, Inclind is well-versed in ADA compliance and site accessibility. We actually offer accessibility audits as part of our services.

We'll design your site from the ground up using our accessibility best practices to make sure your site is easy-to-use for all instead of just meeting the bare-minimum requirements for compliance.

Website Security

Keep your patient data secure.

Site security is important in any industry, but it's absolutely critical in the healthcare industry. If your site is hacked and data is breached, you'll have to answer to both the Department of Health and Human Services and the FTC. Fortunately, building secure sites is one of our many strengths.

Our developers are constantly monitoring security trends and updating our web security practices. We'll develop your site to minimize vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of a hack as much as possible to keep your patient information safe. Of course, keeping websites secure tends to be an ongoing job. We offer security updates and regular security checks as part of our website support and maintenance services.

We're experts in keeping your site secure.

For peace of mind.

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